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Area/Zones what is the most update contents?

I live in zone 4 and I dart a lot of gorgosaurus and allosaurus. I’ve looked and they are both different zones from each other as well as my zone. I’m sure there are others mixed around. Was there a small migration/changes?

This is the latest I’ve gone by.

They come from nest spawn,i live in L4 and aswell i find a lot of gorgosaure and allo.
If i remind correctly:its restaurants

I’m in a subdivision. They spawn at someone’s house in the next court over. Maybe they’re over there cooking lol

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Pubs also spawn them too. My local does (I do not frequent it btw, it’s just in range of my house)

Don’t complain, it will churn out a T Rex or two if you are patient

I live in a park spawn.

It’s crap, and all that ever spawn are the two common crocodiles, Lythronax, the occasional Baja and very rarely a crappy Pteranodon.

I wish things would get shaken up now and again because it’s only been like this since the mini update before the last one.

Closest park the game considers a park is 20-25 minutes from me. I can’t ever get park spawns. At least you can get tenontorex and bajada hybrid maxed. Your scents should pull in those rares.

But regardless any zone that someone lives in we are all tired of those common spawns