I am super confused about these areas I’m hearing about. Did I miss something?? Area 1,2,3,4?? I keep seeing posts about them but no answers

Basically you can find different dinos in different areas. Best way to know where you are is to look and see what common dinos are spawning.

This will help. But everything will change with the new update so look for another article soon after 1.7 hits


There are 4 different local spawn areas that spawn only certain ctritters in. There will be some different ones that spawn only at night. In my area where I live, they are approximately 2 miles square (3 Km).

There are what you call global spawns which are dino’s that spawn in all areas.

There are also park specific spawns and nest spawns.

If you get the “Field Guide” for this game, that will give information on what spawns in what areas.



This is what I’m referring to. I have the field guide and it doesn’t tell me what or where these are

I had the same question when I joined. Here’s my thread. There are so helpful links.

So I’ve found my “area” or “zone” how big are these zones? Can I drive 20 minutes and be in another? I’m in Kentucky, is all of KY and the Midwest all one zone or what?

I can take a 5 minute walk and be in another zone… or a 20 minute walk and be in another.

Takes me nearly a year to discover all locals around me. Started a project to draw them on a map to navigate efficiently. Hope they did not change the whole position of the locals. Migration of dinosaurs is ok :+1:t2:

The game pretty much forces you to visit 3rd party websites to figure out their map, zones and spawns.

There is no support in game for this what-so-ever.

Always hated this aspect of JWA.

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So when you are somewhere, look and see what common dinos are spawning around you. If you see a lot of Allosaurus you are probably in a zone 3. If you see a lot of deinocheirus you are in zone 1. Zone 2 is full of einasaurus and zone 4 you will see a lot of Suchomimus. Obviously there are other dinos as well, but those are usually the most obvious.

It can take a little while, but basically you just need to start learning your local zones. See what’s around you when you open the app and make note of what zone that is. Some are larger than other. As an example: I have a 15-20 minute commute to work and I go through zone 3, then 1, then back to 3. But I also know where there is a local 2 a mere 10 minutes from my work.

Do you know this for sure?

Will a lot of dino’s go daily. Or is it marketing hype Ludia won’t follow through on.

I mean I don’t specifically know. But I know metahub will have another spawn article that will tell us where to find the new stuff. I really hope it’s a major migration. And the daily dino sounds really interesting.


I hope so to as its not as simple as areas. You need buzy spawn points. Generally shops are good residential weak.

My worry is a pattern.
Smildon we know is Monday. Its the first icon Maybe it’s just these mammals Monday to Friday. Would be disappointing.

Usually you don’t have to drive that long to get to another zone… On my way from home to work, which is 18 kilometers or around 12 miles, I successively pass through the following spawn zones: L4, L2, L3, L4, L2, L3… The only L1 I am aware of in the vicinity of my residence is a 10 minutes’ drive away, but I don’t cross it going to work…

Wow I didn’t know it was like this. Thank you everyone for the information. I’m
Glad to know they are smaller than I thought. I shoot so many Suchomimus at my house but if I drive 15-20 minutes to my moms she has lots of common drac. I notice these changes but I wasn’t sure how the zones are mapped. Wish it was just nest like Pokémon lol so much easier.

There’s nests as well. In the metahub there’s a list of all of them

Oh snap! Thanks for the tip. I do notice some Dino’s are always in the same spot. Every time I go to Kroger I see the green slimey the diplo thing that turns to diplotator. Then in the middle of town at a karate place there’s always a tarb. I’m going to look into the nest. Thanks!

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All people that play JWA must have this guide. Help a lot.