How will I no in witch area iam in ? Where can i find it ?

Hey. If you see majungasaur you are in zone 1.
einasaur = zone 2
diplocaulus = zone 3
suchomimus = zone 4

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Than iam in area 4. And the rajasaurus do you no where i possible can find?

Area 2. You can find the info here:

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Where can i find in witch area iam in? I need rajasaurus DNA can,t find him.

Hey . Look for these dinos and use an epic scent if you really want rajasaur.
Your chances increase at night as well since you are removing pyroraptor from the possible available dinos.


Oké thank you verry much. I will try that than

I posted a link in your other thread. There’s no need to duplicate threads.

But where can we find irritator… he is not in the picture… where wich dino spawns

Irritator is an arena exclusive, it doesn’t spawn in the wild.