Arena 2


Yeah. This seems fair in Level 2.


Nevermind, it loaded now and I can see. Players dropping levels sucks tbh, I feel your pain


Could have been me.

At least you have some valuable experience against an Indo-Rex now


We’re all coming down for the incubators. Good luck.


Has this theory of dropping arenas for “better” incubator contents been proven? Like by Ludia or Metahub or some other source?

I still get Proceratosaurus, Purrusaurus, and occasionally even T-Rex DNA from incubators, and I’m consistently shuffling between Arenas 4/5 (not by choice, mind you). Also, I’ve been getting a fair amount of Stygimoloch Gen 2 DNA even though I was only up to Arena 6 for a short time before getting kicked down a few arenas.

Just wondering.


Lol that was pretty funny, lots of people go down ranks but I’m still getting Rex dna in arena 7. They need to come back up for we can :boom:.


The lower the arena the smaller the amount of DNA you receive. However; having the lower arenas you do get better dna for more useful dinos in my opinion.


I got Delta today in Level 2


I got 20 T-Rex DNA in arena 6 today. So, you don’t have to go down arenas to farm. It’s just a random selection.