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Arena 4 timing out?


This is new for me, since I’ve never seen JWA timeout so many times in a row, or give error 61444 constantly.

I know it’s not my connection to Wi-Fi. What, no one’s in arena 4 on a Friday night? No bots, even?


I’ll be there shortly, assuming I don’t have many customers coming in…!

Edit: And I’m now in the Nublar Jungle :slight_smile: That didn’t take long!


I still keep getting timeouts. Haven’t been able to fight one battle in nublar jungle yet.


Hey Dalek62771, I’m sorry about the issue you are having with battle, I understand it can be very annoying especially if you’re in a middle of a match. I know how this might sound, but this could be an issue with the connection. Could you please double check to see if you are on a stable internet connection? You can also try forgetting your current WiFi connection and reconnect to it again.

You may also try these additional troubleshooting steps provided to players with connection issues on this thread here:

If the issue persists, our support team would be glad to assist you. Could you please contact our staff here at with your Support Key and as much information as you can? It will also be helpful if you can include a screenshot of the error in the email.