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Arena 7 Critical Rate


Anyone else notice the critical rate in arena 7 is ridiculous? I know you are playing a CPU team that is going to cheat some (like having dinos 10 levels higher than yours), but it seems like critical rate is 80%+ for everything. Even dinosaurs that have 5% critical rate. I literally got critically hit 3 times in a row by a kaprosuchus that has 5% critical chance.


im starting to think that the unfair battle match ups, the increase in critical chance, the hihg level unique dinos, are all part of keep the players from hitting the top arena unless you pay money to get some kick a88e dinos to compete with


See my latest thread. It outlines how Ludia handles tier 6 and 7 battles.


Old topic but far too real for me. My T-Rex had 6 critical in the last 30 fights - 20% (I really counted after other numerous non-critical before). At the same time, while I face a T-rex, its almost certain I’ll be hit critical. I counted the last 15 and was hit in 8 53%.

Same figures with Stunning. My Triceratops simply doesn’t stun (supposedly 75% chance) while I’m often stunned by “minor stunning”.


After I posted this I used my T-rex another 8 times with only one critical hit. Meanwhile, I was hit with 4 critical hits out of 6. Pathetic.