Arena 7 full of uniques now


Ahh that’s it I’m done!

This game is just a Blanton too PTW cash grab,

Hasta la vista


I’ve been paying for every offer amd vip and still don’t feel like im winning…
They must really pay a ton of money ( in the grands) just to get to unique class.


Really? I just feel Arena 7 full of bots…
They always got lv28~30 dinos. I could do nothing but let them beat up mine.


You know when your young and your at school and thinking to yourself… Whats the point of this???

Well at least that will help me to get a job or to know life skills. This game just squeezes every penny out of you and still laughs at you. :neutral_face:


The only thing arena 7 is full of is bots and hackers