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Arena 7 🤔🤖's? If I Had The Money I Probably Would! To Bad I Don't! LoL😁

Would You Buy It?

It Will Be Nice To Get These Tho!!! LOL :blue_heart:

Yes I would buy it because of how many cards you get.

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If I Only Had The Extra Money! LoL

Are you mad (no offense, though).
You would pay 100 bucks for this for only an amount of cards that may help for only one level or so ?
100 bucks where you can not even CHOOSE what items, gear, you get?
Are you eve aware that by this you would have to pay a thousand dollars for leveling up only 1 character? About 10.000 $ for proceeding in the game to maybe the last level/dungeon?

This is … madness

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Good Thing I Don’t Have The Money! LOL
Na, Even If I Did Have The Money, I Don’t Really Think I Would Buy, Cost Way,…Way…WAY… To Much For Me, That’s Like 3 Tanks Of Gas In My Car!
Or Almost A New Gaming Console, Kinda, Like The The New Character They Got, That’s Just Plain Madness!!! I’ll Wait! LoL Till It’s Free, Or Just Not Worrie About It,
I’m What You Call A Lower Class Person, Or Plainer Or Lehman’s Terms A Poor Person!LOL🙁 I Still Consider Myself Blessed😇 I Mean Come On , I Live In Alabama, The PoDunk State! LoL With A Racist Mayor - Who Wears Black-Face- Way To Go Kay Ivy! Pretty Funny Stuff😂 We Get Well… That Was A Different Time!! LoL, Yeah Time For Some More Racstism… Yeah!!! LOL

And No I’m Not Mad, I Actually Love The Input :grinning:

And, Yes , I See How Much More It Takes To Lev Up My Gear, Crazy Numbers!LOL