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Arena 7. Sorna Marshes


Finally made it to the last arena, looking forward to battling with the best, see you all there!


Made it there during the week, got booted right back out. Need to level my team. :joy:


Haha see you back there shortly then! Won my first 2 and just lost one…gonna keep marching on!


Good luck against the bots. Your enthusiasm may take a kicking at the same time as your dinosaurs


Welcome to a battlefield full of lv25+ bots and legend/unique monsters!!


Not doing too bad still, am now over 3200, hoping to get near that top 500 mark! How do you know if your up against a bot?


A few obvious signs. Normally high level commons or rares, around 22-30 level. Normally use basic moves not clever use but high hits and high energy levels so still hard to beat. There was a common trait in names as well but that seems to have evolved. Of course you only know that after the fight.


Haven’t checked but top 500 now around 3600 and going up 30-40 each day. Made it once but now bouncing around 3400.


Well we may see each other in battle soon, best of luck if so!


So I have a theory here, I saw people on another post saying about 24H incubators. I had never seen one but I have just got one now after being in arena 7. Are 24h only available in arena 7?


Ignore that theory have just noticed on a post someone with a 24h from arena 6


congratz with Arena 7 mate :slight_smile: more people up here is most welcome


Thanks @Wilffio might catch you in battle!


The best will be a lot of boots at 25 to 30. Once you hit 3000 might as well backtrack and come.vack up. No reward at 3500


I see where your coming from @Vasilli08 but I like the honour of appearing in top 500 as well :wink:


Try not to stay in the player match Q for more then 10-15 seconds. Won’t run into the bots as much. Usually there start from lvl 24-30


Welcome to the land of ridiculously high leveled and lucky hitting bots. The higher you climb the worst it gets :sweat_smile:


So going against my better nature I have decided to stop back down to arena 1. Don’t like playing like this but I want to power up my indominus so I need way more rex and raptor DNA. I reached top 500 but I’m outclassed really. I’ll see you all back at the top ASAP!


I usually do this as well. It’s a long trek back down and gets harder to lose when you get to about 1500. Even my lesser Dinos end up winning by accident. My issue today is it’s the middle of the day
There are 4 million downloads of this game and 300 people ahead of me on the leader board and at least 199 behind me…why am I facing bots?


I can only pray that these guys are weak enough, they are the worst I have!