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Hi, I just want to ask questions and receive feedback about my team and see what I should do

So this is my team

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Currently I’m trying to get Quetzorion I have 136 DNA thus I have not upgrade my indoraptor G2. I have a level 20 tanycolagreus and 18 pteraqueatzl

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I just upgraded Indoraptor G2

What level are you on

As in player level? If so then 14

If that’s right then good on ya, that’s a lower lvl team for arena 8! But I would say drop sino and (depending on what you got) put like compy or something anti swap/something that can swap in.

Try working towards thordor (as it’s good in raids and decent in the arena!) and keep lvling up tryo because it’s awesome in raids!!

I never really get any tarbo postasuchus nor do I get dimetredon that much so that may take a while, I also don’t have compy unlocked

Tarbo is a global spawn, you should be able to see them everywhere at any time

I see them, just not that much

For migration week I’ll probably go for mammotherium to replace my sino

How should I boost Quetzorion when I eventually get it?

Team update!

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Just some level ups nothing huge but it’s helped a lot


New dinos for the team!

I finally got Quetzorion my first unique hybrid, so far I’ve put on 2 health boosts 1 attack boost and 2 speed boosts