Arena 9 should be at 4500. Arena 8 at 3500

Clash royale eventually did this. Gotta scrunch em down. Give folks some sense of progression or they get bored and quit.

Also, consider adding leagues to the last arena, again ad clash roayle does.

Just some thoughts. I think cr got this right.


Not enough players for leagues. And clash royale didn’t move the trophy requirements for the arenas, they added new ones.

They did both. I played since arena 7 was top. They did both, many times.

Which arenas did they change then? I’ve been playing since royale arena was the final one.

7 and 8 were both changed. When 8 was added, 7 was cut to something like 2600. When 9 was added, they did a similar thing ti3 8. Then they just added more, and id quit by then.

I forgot about the snow place being changed, sorry.

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This game needs to do leagues though knocking people down is half the complaints with the tournament. Especially when their is exclusive dna to be obtained in those arenas…

I dont play clash like i used to mainly just do clan wars these days… but both my accounts sit at just above 4k trophies… just high enough to earn a chest… but not so high i get affected by season resets

i think it would be interesting if you could ban your opponent from using one dino like they do in the Clash Royale tournaments too (only CR cards, not dinos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). would be an interesting shake up to the game. indoraptor every game.

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That would be intresting but how to implement it… the dino you ban could never get picked due to team rng…

Ddos them if they pull it out

it would take a little longer for a game to start i guess. there could be a setting on your account where you select your banned card and then when you get matched up if your opponent has it, it makes them pick a different one.

i guess it could either be their choice of what they get, or makes them add it to there 8 and randomly picks again. maybe something that starts in arena 7 or 8.

I like the idea of having smaller gaps between arenas … can you imagine playing the same level of Super Mario for 2 months :joy:


then it just wouldn’t do anything. like some clash royale tournaments will have one team ban lava hound, but that team might not have planned to use it anyway, so it’s just a non issue.

Making arena gaps smaller is a very good idea. I’ve been farming in the lower jurassic ruins to gain easy incubators after I know I cannot get to lockwood estate (hovering around 4500-4700 for over a month).

I like the 500 between arenas - funny how a simple background change can give you a real sense of achievement - struggling to break the 4500 barrier - got within one win yesterday - and it would be nice to mark the milestone when I do do it - going to be a long slog before I get to 5,000.


They could make it so any one dino can only be used in battle, say 3 to 5 times a day and can no longer be used till the next day. This way your forced to level up other dinos to keep a wining team.

For Ludia, that would mean people will feel pressured to buy more offers or green bucks for coins to level up dinos they don’t have coin for so they have enough high dinos to keep winning.

that’s how JWTG is. it gets kind of dumb though. sometimes it’s like “pay $10 (real money) to use this dino again today”

Stuck in one arena for too long gets old.
I agree, bring the points closer together.

Its not like there isnt dinos that are not given away as normal battle incubator dna they could use to fill in the gaps. Those 1k trophy arena stretches are dumb…

Heck electro valley to legendary arena in clash royal is 200 trophies. Legendary starts at 3800 and the first league starts at 4k trophies

And Just think Ludia, of all the additional one time offers you could be selling to the level capped people advancing into all these new arenas.

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I agree, 1000 trophies to the next arena is too much, especially now that we have trophies taken away with each tournament. I’m getting so tired of Arena 8 and need a change in scenery.

I would love to buy a one time offer like I used to do :wink: