Arena - Ability to 'swap' one drawn card?

I feel it would add another layer to arena, and also help those who draw all of their cunnings at once, for example, to give the ability to reroll 1 card from your deck at the start of an arena match. Thoughts? Has this been discussed before.


Just no. This is more of a problem with the class system than RNG. If you have the option of swapping atleast 1 draw every time everyone will probably keep swapping to get the closest draw of ArctoV, Ankylos Lux, Skoona and Phorex/ParaT every time which is anything but good


Probably if the drawn card is also random what he meant

If that’s the case I might agree. Being to always choose the same hand is ok for strikes and the campaign but not against actual opponents

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Yeah I just meant pick one dino, and swap it out for a random one of the 4 you didn’t draw.

If you think of it as decks, most decks battle games allow you to swap out at least one card once you have drawn =P

but mostly Allosaurus