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Arena and tournament points, its going too far

So. Arena. Since the last update to it I keep getting opponents way above my head. It used to be close, sometimes I would run into an opponent with lvl 30 but extreamly rarely. Now every single opponent has at least one lvl28 dino and destroyes my whole team with it ( my highest 24). The points? Thats even better loose get -40 win get +20, same with the tournament ( the part with points to be clear). Can you change this Ludia? This used to be my favourite part of the game, now when I see I have a daily battle incubator to get I dont want to loose 200 arena points to get it. Please.

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We just went through a reset (top players having their scored lowered at the beginning of a season). This push down everybody, so that’s why we’re all getting our butts kicked… It used to last only a few days before everybody went back to their normal level, and fights would be pleasant again (even if matchmaking is always unbalanced, it’s bearable for the rest of the season). Lately though, it does take longer and longer before we get into typical stabilization… I guess more players over the 5000pts mark? Anyway, hold on, we about to be over the mess now.

It’s the 23rd we had the season reset a couple weeks ago. In 2 weeks it resets again.


Person below you answered the reset of the arena for me. Its not getting better at all. The point distribution is also very disapointing. Just wanted to put it out there

Tournament days make arena worse as most players participate in tournament. You get closest opponent that is available.

It’s a weird seasonal.
No one that is a Nublar Shores veteran needs blue.
They already know roughly what seed they are because the rankings dont change much from season to season.
Only the ones that REALLY enjoy battling are up there this season.
Basicly you just go to Nublar real quick for Nublar bonus points for weekend tourny then drop back to the 5900’s
Waiting 2 min vs 30 seconds is a no brainer for inc farming to power up for the next seasonal.

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It’s been worse than usual. I’m in middle library, getting matched against teams of almost fully boosted 30s.

I definitely smell a lot of arena droppers.