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Arena Attacking Team Bug

So a few minutes ago i looked at the last defensive battle of my team and what i noticed was that the enemy’s team wasn’t shown at all (no greyed out pictures). Just an empty team and Bp was 0. This is, of course, really weird because my dragons did do lots off dmg and healed themselves.

What i think happens is that the team doesn’t get updated when you switch dragons out. (I’ve had this before myself. I wanted to do an arena battle, but at the moment when i went to the arena tab there were only 2 dragons in my team, namely Brute-Wurst and Copsekeep. So after having re-rolled a few times and finding a suitable opponent i started putting my main dragons back into the team. I Won the fight without losing any dragons. And when i afterwards looked at the battle log I saw that it showed me only using 2 dragons. Brute-wurst and copsekeep. Brute-wurst was grayed out since i didn’t use it at all in the fight while copsekeep had its bright picture. But the other dragons i used were nowhere to be seen.)

Now i think this bug isn’t too much of a problem, but it does make you lose out on medals if this happens in a defensive battle. Because the system then thinks there weren’t any (or there were less) dragons in the fight and hence won’t reward you for defeating them.

Hey Zhyan, could you send a screenshot of this battle from your Battle Summary to our team at Please make sure to include your support key as well. Thanks!

This is what the battle log looks like (i’ll send it to support to):

Thanks for providing the screenshot! If you haven’t already, could you email our team your support key as well?

I just send them my support key (and gave a recap of what i said here)

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