Arena battle bug?


After today’s update, I enter the arena battle and the screen keep freezing like the below photo, is anyone facing the same problem?

I had restart the app few times and still the same.

New Battle Problems

Me too like the clock dead


Hey night, try clearing up some RAM on your phone by closing any background apps you’re not using while playing the game and see if that helps. If you have your game backed up to Facebook or Google Play, try clearing the cache on your device.

Feel free to contact our support team at with your support key if you’re still having any issues.


I was battling well. Suddenly the screen jams up for a couple of seconds where nothing moves. When the battle resumed, I can no longer select my moves come my turn. The only button that lit up was the “End Turn”. Can’t change out or do anything else. Got struck and it was my turn again. Same scenario until that dino was lost. This meant that I gifted a win to the opponent. What’s up Ludia?


My screen just froze during a battle. Had to restart quickly. By the time I got back, my dino was dead and I was not able to pick my moves for the next turn. Then got stunned 3 times in a row by an einasuchus (?!? :rofl:)
I still won, thankfully, cause I was about to be mad haha :man_facepalming:t3:


Oh and now I just battled a monolo. They played the distracting move (50% less damage for two turns), but then she was invincible for the next turn (damage reduced to 0). Then they switched to stegoceratops and she was also invincible for a turn. Fix the bugs Ludia, your genius ideas cost us enough work to win a battle as it is already :roll_eyes:

Also, first time today that I’m thinking I might lose interest in the game. Seeing the insane amount of time I spend playing jwa and the very slow progression / too small rewards I get in return, I’m starting to feel a bit ridiculous.


Yep, happened to me yet again. Screen froze and then cannot select moves. Lost that battle. That’s why I quit battling then. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow with no screen freeze but then again, we are talking about Ludia