Arena battle points not same

Well I thought that you get 30 points for winning and 30 for losingin arena battles. but now ludia says that we lose based on level and all other crap. I really don’t understand it and have given up hope.I lose 30-38 points I win I get between 2-25 so really don’t understand this. I can’t post the photo but here is what they said
Please know that the amount of trophy points you gain or deducted is influenced by the Trophy difference between you and your opponent. Meaning you’ll lose fewer trophy points if you lost against an opponent that’s extremely higher leveled than you versus say an opponent that’s closer leveled to you. The amount of trophies deducted isn’t a fixed rate though and varies depending on your account and arena level so we wouldn’t be able to provide them a clear cuttable on how much trophy points you lose with every battle.

I hope that this answers your concern. Thanks for the support and kind understanding!

Well if my opponent team had low level Dino’s I would have won and they were higher or equal to me so why I lose more and gain less?