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Arena board is not cooperating

Is it just me or the board on arena battles is very incooperative? Plus all these buffs i only loose lately. It’s very hard with the fact that an opponent that the game is offering usually kills me in a first round despite the numbers of power being even or slightly less then my team.
In other parts of a game, like quests or explorations or even alpha battels the board is fine.
So it’s just me or anybody else is feeling the same?


Well, dragon teams in the arena are made by players who ussually know what they are doing, while quest and exploration’s teams seem to be randomly selected. Maybe that’s why arena teams are more difficult to beat.

Untill last period i had no such problem. I was winning quite a lot, my team is not week or something. And now i start battle and i see the board and it can contain one - two moves only at a time. My dragons are not charging and i get bitten.

It depends a lot in the opponents team. Some dragons have strong and fast abilities (like the purple and green everybody has), while some others have weak and slow abilities (like red groncle). Maybe it is just that you are higher in the arena, you say you won a lot, so it could be that you found your correct position wher you cant go up or down.