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Arena Bots with All Level 30 Epics


Are these bots? I can’t see how they have level 30 T-rex. My dinos are level 16 at most so I don’t see why I’m being ranked against these players even if they are real players. I’m also getting what seems like bots with all level 24 dinos.


100% bot, avoid waiting more then 10 seconds in a Q. Also people been saying since the update if you lose a certain amount in a row to actual people they will pair you with a bot till you win. Last part I haven’t exactly experienced but if multiple people have ran into it, def plausible.


Most common bots are lvl 24-30 in marshes.


If you lose 2 in a row you will matched whit lvl30 bot 100% i downranking from 4000 elo to 3700 or something till i win one, then next is a real player 100% i think.
Teams whit piroraptors and t rex at lvl 30 is nonsense, piro doing me like 4k dmg whit a pound xd and t rex crit is like 6, 7k xd