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Arena bug, Ankylocodon


I played an arena match just a few minuters ago and noticed a bug with Ankylocodon. So my apponent had Ankylocodon and used short Defense, my counter for this was a Tyrannosaurus Rex and I used Defense Shattering Rampage, BUT it didn’t break Ankylocodons shield + it only did 1x dmg so the attack didn’t go through the shield!

Anyone else noticed any bug with Ankylocodon in arena?


Immunity + shield can only be broken by nullify.


As sprectomegakay said, it’s not a bug. Ankylocodon ad the immunity passive ability so shield can’t be removed unless you use nullify.


Wow no wonder there removed his long protection. Sheesh.


All right! Thanks for the answers guys!:slight_smile: