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Arena Bug (Damage Reduction lead to Healing)


I would say this is possibly game-breaking. So in Arena my Koolasuchus Gen 2 was fighting a Velociraptor. I used distracting strike as their pounce was on cooldown and I knew it was coming next turn. Then I used instant cripple. When the velociraptor used Pounce, my Koolasuchus was HEALED by the attack. To make matters worse after my Koolasuchus “died” to another dino it didn’t actually die. It’s health read 0 but it still did an attack. It took an extra attack after it’s health read 0 for it to die. My apologies to my opponent who had to deal with the unfairness.

New update bug

I’m going to test that right now, and I think it works like this with more creatures, f.e. Diplocaulus GEN 2. It does make sense that it heals, as the damage is reduced to 50%, and then by 90%, reducing it to -40%, healing your creature.


I can confirm this now, it works. However I have only gotten the fake death once, but that was with my Einiasuchus. The fake death doesn’t work for me.


Hey narutamarue, I’ve never heard of this before, and it might be a new issue. Contact our team at so they can investigate this further. It’ll be really helpful if you also Included any screenshots and your support key in your email.


So there’s currently a major bug/exploit with the new movesets for the Diplocalus and Koolasuchus move sets. If you were to first use distracting strike(-50% damage for 2 turns + 1x damage) and then on the next turn use instant cripple(-90% damage with priority), you will heal by the amount of damage done.

(Sounds like Gandhi in Civ II)


Despite being a glitch? I find that hilarious.


I can confirm that this bug exists as i use the gen 2 diplocaulus frequently. I try not to exploit the bug but sometimes it happens. I don’t know what causes the fake death though. I’ve been left on zero for multiple turns in a row.


Im pretty sure this has been removed