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Arena bug reroll

Timer isn’t there for reroll like almost always…

even after severall restarts its still not there…

Haha did upload wrong screenshot. Gonna find other tonight

You’ve restarted the game and it still won’t budge? That’s annoying :frowning: There’s a couple of things you could try, depending on what you’re playing on.

If you have an Android, you could exit out of the game and clear the cache before starting the game back up again. (Also, when you restart the game, you’re fully closing it out, right? It’s not just hidden and you’re pulling it back up? The game restarts itself for me sometimes when I go to another app but I think you’ll need to do a full, hard reset instead if you haven’t already)

It might start working again if you fight an Arena battle? That’s gotten the reroll timer to work again for me when it doesn’t like to show up.

And, of course, there’s the nuclear option of just reinstalling the game. :confused: Incredibly drastic but there’s no reason for that not to work, at the very least.

It’s like clan energy, Arena energy and rerolls timer won’t show unless you’ve used all. Your rerolls have still one to go. @Sophie_Landman

Wait, did I misunderstand? I thought they meant they weren’t getting any more rerolls at all. Oops! My bad :sweat_smile: Thank you @Featherwing!

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Had wrong screenshot :slight_smile:

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Most of the Times does this not work. Have to close app for long time. Otherwise IT dient count down…

That’s really strange? I don’t know why none of those things wouldn’t help (not saying I don’t believe you btw, just what the heck, man :frowning: ). My only suggestion at this point would be to reinstall. You’ll probably still get the issue with the timer every now and again, since that’s a bug with the game itself, but a full reinstall should hopefully keep it from freezing that insistently.

Of course, that’s just a suggestion. I know it’s a bit extreme just for something like that, and not many would want to take those steps. But if you do, and it helps? Do let me know. Or if anything else does, really. Good luck :frowning:

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Hey Sophie_Landman, thanks for reporting this issue to us. Would you be able to send that screenshot to our support team here at so they can take a closer look at this? Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


Ah. That can happen, of course.