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Arena bugged

Played the arena . Connection to net just suddenly loss.
Correcting discrepancy or something.

During the game i loss 2 dragon and left 3 dragon.
After the net problem the 2 dragon are alive??
Almost killed all enemy dragons then LOSS??
And i still have the 3 dragons but LOSS??


Its messed up. I won, but then Frozen so lost… Always loose my winstreaks by freezes…

Its annoying and its makes arena so dull. Deels like a chore… Just do IT for Quest. But cant get win streak because of this…

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Agreed, arena definitely needs to be fixed. This happened to me twice back to back

This happened to me now twice ! It’s right when I’m on a winning streak. Really frustrating. End of battle it freezes at 0 when indicating I won. Then when I come back it says I already played this opponent and I lost.

Two more times today… 4 in total. Each time I won it froze…and when I returned it shows I lost and of course lost my streak and ruins … I cry :sob:

And again :roll_eyes:

And another time on my lunch break

And again … :triumph::sob: