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Arena bugs?

In the middle of playing, or sometimes after the victory sign, the game just tries reconnecting in its own for apparently no reason. Maybe I had a faulty connection but this was my third time in three different places. One time, I won the game but there was this sign saying something about channeling the game and the result was that I lost. Pretty weird.

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My timer is broken

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I defeated a team, then it claimed I was defeated and killed my win streak.

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I had this as well. Mine was also when all 6 dragons were in one spot

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…and here I thought the game wasn’t broken by bugs this update. Guess I was wrong.

I have been facing disconnections as well, the buttons of the game not responding in time, the dragon BP in the arena showing weird numbers.

Hey Vikings, our team has been notified about the disconnection issues in the Arena.

The disconnections are everywhere @Ned. Regular battles and Alpha battles included.

Also… What’s up with BPs showing more than they should?

Hey Featherwing, Marcus’s thread here might help clarify this:


How come I can’t see the names of people I battle in arena, some people in my clan can, but I can’t. Instead I just see “New Name” instead of the actual name.

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I have an issue where team that is about 1000 points lower will wipe out my team completely. It looks like buffing of the defense team is out of balance.

Problem resolves by simply uninstalling and installing. Thank you.

Why is it when you defeat an opponent, the screen freezes when the last dragon is defeated, then when you reload the game it comes back as a loss, this has happened to me 4-5 times already, it’s pretty frustrating and making arena zero fun, on top of the fact you have to spend a fortune of real life time keeping up with arena energy, arena is not an enjoyable experience.

Same here!

I think you missed the fact that your opponent has a Sawmaw and a freaking Murmurquill.

Today i fight with alpha when my last turn done its wrote to me defeated… i suprise why not wrote how many i damage i do to him… after when i go to clan page check whats my damage pop up 150 runes to not loose my streak in arena i choose no option . after when i go do 5 arena win i see my streak is 0… ( i able to see its arena or alpha dragon before anybody told i maybe choose wrong option

That’s horrible… Well, more horrible than regular quests meshing with Arena feature.