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Arena cant equalize (discussion not complaining)

This isn’t an anti-boost rant. I personally like boosts. I was around 4800 trophies before boosts and I’m up to 5500 now without spending any real money to buy boosts. I didnt even get the full amount that we could buy after the reset. Everybody who is pro boost though is saying how things will be better when the arena equalizes but I dont think it will. There are too many people that put all their boosts into 1 dino. It’s almost impossible to win a battle against that when it will burn through at least 2 of yours to kill. But when they dont get their super dino they almost automatically lose. So anyone who boosted one dino is going to win about 50% and not change much in trophies. Meanwhile people are still going to have to fight them forever cuz the trophies wont change. Is there something I’m missing or are we going to be stuck in a loop in upper arenas?

Not responding the way you might assume or negatively.

The effect you described is Infact the equalization.

It is the new normal.

There are lots of players that will be heading up though that will break it and shake it up.

These are the players who were in lower arenas … Lived through the Paddy day massacree. Have learned to fight against higher level takes two or more Dino’s to kill situation.

The only reason you ain’t seeing them yet it Dino’s take time to level.

Lets say someone had 4000 trophies befor boosts. To stay their he/she/it needed ~50% winrate.

Now he/she/it is able to boost one member of the 50% winrate team.
This should rais the overall winrate by a few % points (Depends on the boosted dino).
So the player should win more.

This only works for a trophie based matchmaking.
I dont know the correct matchmaking, but at the moment we have a trophie/level/boost/team based matchmaking and that is a hugh problem for the system.

Perhaps a only trophie based matchmaking isnt the best thing in the world, but at some point players would be matched with players in the same trophie range (after boosters raised and f2p players dropped low enought).

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Well the system is based (match making)
On team strength number and trophy count. The actual values are kinda kept secret.

But assuming they finally work out the kinks (it’s rumored that match making will be applied after team select is done)

We will see people boosted and unboosted find thier spot. Also it will work against the major single dino investors since they will be matched against stronger more even boosted teams because of it.

This will be a good day for high level players. But a return to crappy normal for mid and lower as the heavy single boosted users fall back down in rank.

Imagine any new player that started after st. Patty’s day, and didn’t yet reach level 10. These players have no chance of getting out of lockdown, ever, if they can even get there. No easy unique dna for them, and no boosts at all. It seems like there will be a definitive line drawn depending on when you started playing.

I’m in a similar position to the op .
I was on about 4500 for ages , then along came boosts and I used what game cash I had to boost my team . I did spend a bit of real money too to buy the daily amount for a week or so .
Now I’m at 5000 trophies and I have a balanced team , no Dino boosted further than level 5 . But I get wiped out every now and again by a crazy Draco , Thora or Magna . The same player will fight again without their heavily boosted monster and lose to me .
But is is a loop ?
I don’t think so because those I fought at 4500 I don’t see any longer , same goes for those I fought at 4700 although they pop up every now and again .
Now that we can’t buy an endless supply of boosts and only get a few from daily incubators the over boosted Dinos are only gonna be in your team 50% of the time , so it’s those with teams of one or two level 10 boosted Dinos who will be frustrated , not those with an evenly balanced boosted team .

That’s fine though isn’t it ?
They will only be matched with similar teams so what’s up with that ?
I really can’t see an issue with this .

They arent similar teams though… the current system views someone with a lvl 15 allo and 15 utahraptor on their team a good matchup for someone with a 16 allosino and utasino…

Same way it sees someone with a lvl 20 miragaia and einosuchus a good match up for someone with a 21 indo/thor.

I dont know why team strenght is in the matchmaking.
This is the first game i ever heard of a matchmaking, that consider your power.

Normaly you have to build up a strong team to climb the ladder.
But now you get matched based on your team power?? So i could build a low level team, face other low level teams (thanks to matchmaking) and still climb the ladder.

Or do i terrible missunderstand something here?

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Surely not … it’ll match by level alone ?
So a newbie with only epics on level 21 will be fighting uniques ?
That’s just stupid …

That’s not necessarily true. Skill and team building trump boost at lower levels. Many players made it up and through all the uniques with out uniques

Team strength is included because so many people drop arena and or use ridiculously over powered over leveled Dino’s to get easy wins.

Most other games have a no drop ability built in. So arena combat is realitively even in a given arena

On of the big problems was that they emplemented an overly complicated formula to fix a simple problem (I think because of suggestions on this forum)

Simple fix would have been to set creature level caps on arenas for max values.

But instead people ranted and raved about team totals and such.

So now we have a very messed up situation where team level is a formula and match making is based off of it.

Where many extraneous steps are taken to ensure the same results as before including taking feelings into account.

It’s all very Wesley moucheian in its logic.

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It doesnt rate the rarity in regards to power… so a lvl 16 is a lvl 16 doesnt matter if its common or legendary… same with 21… it views a 21 lythronax the same strength as a 21 thor.

But in regards to that with the current balance state you cant give discounts to lower rarities when stuff like tawny, procera, utasino… hit way above their weight class.

There was a better solution to the arena dropper issue then this current match making system as many stated prior to 1.7 team based match making can be exploited.

@Michi_Reischl within reason… your not taking a team of level 15s in avairy… but i have a team avg of 22 and am currently hanging around 5k… and mostly play people with similar teams… there are like two highways in avairy now… one for teams 27+ and one for teams lower then that. The teams on the lower highway do not need to worry themselves about the teams on the other highway.

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I’m facing people 500-1000 trophies above me and I dropped almost 600 trophies today alone. I don’t understand why Ludia thinks they got this right at all. I like the team strength idea but you can’t have a 500 trophy swing in opponents and expect it to be fair. I used to be in the 5k range before boosts and now I’m just getting massacred and out matched over and over again.


Exactly, and that’s wrong. The lower level teams which have benefitted from this crazy mm should have to fight the higher level teams but that’s not the case so the lower levels advance much further than they should.


That’s 90% of the problem. Ludia thinks they got it right. I used to maintain in the top 100 until they had this brilliant idea of boosting already savage Dino’s. But they think they created something better than sliced bread and have now made it the law of the land by instilling it in the Tips section. They have no desire to fix the mess they created so we’ll just have to live with it or stop spending money on the game. I vote we stop spending money completely until they put it back to how it was and get rid of those boosts.


Each time I level or use my free boosts on my team, my rating seems to go down, go figure.

Back in 1.4 before I took a few months off the game, I peaked at 4799. Now I’m hopping between 3900 and 4200.

Something is wrong, I haven’t suddenly gotten worse at the game lol.

However I think the other poster is right, trophy values mean different things now we have boosts, before boosts when skill and strategy mattered I was on average a 4650 rated player, now I need to come to terms with the fact I’m now a 4000 player.

The values mean different things now.
Take Wilt Chamberlain all time scoring record of 100 points in a single basketball game, that is incredible…but imagine if the scoring was changed so that each goal earned you 50 points, people in the future would look back and think 100 was terrible.
It’s all relative!

Also Thor and rat don’t help matters!

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People with higher lvl not fully meta teams got hit the worsts. I can’t get a match I can win. I used to drop 200 trophies and then I would battle someone with a worse team and be able to rebound. Now I just keep loosing and there is no bottom because I keep getting matched with teams ludia qualify as within 200 pts of my “team power” which they don’t define. I don’t have any incentive to play anymore its all loss and no rebound.

You’re correct, and same is true for many of us who used to have a lot more trophies before 1.7.

I understand that team strength must be considered in the mm algorithm when you have boosts, but if you make such a radical change you can’t just ignore player trophy counts. The only way this latest revision of May 23 can work is if everyone is reset at a lower trophy level (perhaps at the bottom of their current arena, e.g. 4,500 for Aviary; 4,000 for Lockwood - or whatever makes the most sense) so they can fight teams of similar strength and actually move up again from an equal starting level if they win more than they lose.

This has usually worked for seasonal tournaments - why not try it for the current arena which is clearly broken.