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Arena Cheaters or Hackers?

There’s always been a subset of active users who have maxed out event dragons which were only offered once. The prevailing theory was that they hacked their way into somehow getting it that quickly, but I suppose it’s possible they paid nearly 70,000 runes to achieve a maxed out dragon in one week.

When arena was first released ludia defended maxed out Maeves buffalords like it was actually possible at that point. IT WASN’T. But there was math that supported somehow clan hopping like 3x/day to get it in under a month. WAKE UP LUDIA. Let’s start taking action against cheaters.

But now there seems to be arena users who never lose vs the absolute best defense team. Out of nowhere there are users with far far inferior teams with barely leveled 5* mediocre dragons taking down the best top 50 teams EVERY SINGLE TIME.

One such user is **. Has anyone had their defense team beat him? Because over the last 2 weeks I’ve seen 100 complaints about how this level of consistency using average dragons is near impossible. Defense teams that were 50/50 vs the best maxed out dragons used by the best players in the game are now losing 100% of the time to a small set of virtually new players who we haven’t seen before using crap dragons.

Anyone have **. in their clan? Can anyone explain how **. has 26,000,000 experience (double the next closest player)?

If anyone has any additional insights about this I’d love to hear them.

Anyone know him personally? Any additional sketchy players that people have encountered in the top 50 or 100 who seem to be consistently winning with teams that shouldn’t be? Keep in mind I’m not talking about anomalies, but patterns.

And just as a logical experimental study: I’ve duplicated some of the teams that are crushing my team and other incredible defense teams and despite the fact that my dragons are completely maxed 5* I can’t come close to replicating those results. At best I’m 60/40 with incredible tile luck. Whereas these teams are 100% with lesser leveled dragons.

What I’d really love is to log on in a couple days and see **. completely removed because ludia actually took cheating complaints seriously, investigated and then banned him.


I have no useful information to offer on that particular player but I can attest that many in our clan family have been frustrated with the same issue (s) — most recently and particularly the repeat/serial inexplicable losses to much weaker players


Ludia needs to address this asap.


My arena Defense team beat Xtreme. The timing seems awfully suspect, but I’m sure I’m trying to rationalize stuff.

What I find most disturbing about this is that 99% of players reroll to avoid the best defense dragon teams and typically get more trophies from bots at our level, but Xtreme attacks them at what appears to be a considerable odds disadvantage. Unless he “knows” something (Exploit) and feels like he’s not at a disadvantage.

The crazy thing about him losing is that he didn’t try to play me again. Here we have a guy intentionally playing vs the best teams out there who “happens” to lose a couple hours after I post this. But he doesn’t keep playing me? Why? He already lost the win streak. There’s more of a reason now to play me because there’s less at stake for him.

I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into this after reading discord conspiracy theories for the last 10 days. Hopefully ludia does some due diligence and gives us a reasonable explanation.

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Do you actually beat him or did he just intentionally escape after attacking you? The battle log doesn’t seem to be of an actual battle. No damage is dealt. Or maybe ludia need work on something to fix such bug about arena log.

There’s modified versions of the game that enemy dragons don’t attack you, not accusing anyone, but they’re out there.

Titan Uprising is incredibly buggy.

If I bring up the log and look at a player that defeated me the values show up as all zeroes.

If I then pull up another battle in the log and then afterwards go back to the first one, then the values are filled in.

Below is an example.


These are both the exact same battle. I had to bring up a different battle then bring up the first one again to get the values filled in.



As much as I would like to know where there are modified versions of the game. I am sure posting such information would be a bannable offense. So, if you have that information you should probably send it via DM to Marcus.


So he continually attacks me without me being able to revenge him. Maybe he bought the protection, but typically up top we don’t do that because we barely get attacked.

He never comes up as an opponent and I can’t revenge. It’s just not possible to beat the best 3 dragons at this rate with his low power roster. Bottom line is there’s no combination of dragons at 3* and 4* that can consistently beat Murmurquill and sawmaw.


Google it, wasn’t hard for me to stumble upon them just looking for efficiency tips, wasn’t even what I was looking for at the time. Naturally curiosity got to me and I read about them. There’s nothing to dm, the APKs are on various websites. My status in the game obviously shows I don’t use anything of the sorts lol.

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Add immortal to the list of hackers.

If anyone gets added and wants to clear their name, all you need to do is create a video of you playing vs real players.

Have to check my list again but I got rofl stomped by I few teams I should never have lost to as well. Okay I just derp around between 150 and 200+ but with a full Sawmaw, Toothless and either tricky or scarbearer a team of 2-3 stars worth of leveled dragons should only beat that once or twice with insane boards and not multiple times in a row.

Defense teams have gotten rather weak last few seasons, I’ve got sawmaw with tricky and toothless and very rarely get a Defense win these days…

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It’s quite normal that you hardly win because either you have a intimidating defense team that make those who don’t have high enough chance to win reroll, or you just get attacked by those who have very high chance of defeating your defense team. And if you want to hide sawmaw in reinforcement, then it’s very likely the sawmaw get defeated before it can use its ability, if it’s in the first three then you can mostly scare away those who can possibly lose. The strange thing about the battles in the post is that the defense team is always being beaten by those too weak to possibly make it and the battle log show no damage is dealt. It’s possible that you get to win before they use abilities but it’s strange that even no basic attacks, and every time. I set too weak defense team so I can’t check my battle log to find out but one of my clanmate is having this problem.

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I did defeat a 7100 team with my 6300. So IT can with good strategy

Well acceptable result as long as not all zero damage. I do defeat those more than 2000 bp stronger than me quite often. A little less synergy then maybe just a few hundred bp?

This thread isn’t about “my team lost so they must be cheating.”

This thread is mostly about “the best arena combo in the game (murmur, sawmaw and toothless) somehow went from winning 90% of the time to 10% of the time and it’s losing too absolute garbage.”

If you have something egregious feel free to post it.

I saw this on Facebook the other day: this is just not possible. It’s clearly cheating.

This was posted on discord: again, not possible, definitely cheating.


This needs to get resolved, it’s getting ridiculous.


Hi all!
I also have the same problem with some players, who often attack me. They always win and my dragons never deal any damage.
I guess these players use modified version of game where the enemy dragons do not attack. Also I have sent 3 requests about this problem to Support team (1 email + 2 in-game support), got no answer.
This situation is really annoying. I hope now the game developers will pay attention.