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Arena Cheaters or Hackers?

Interesting that all the flagged comments have ID of potential cheaters. Seems Suspicious.

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I know good and well you all have programs to use to check for cheating. They catch cheaters all the time on the other games I play. Do your job!! I’m really getting fed up with Ludia. @Ned @Marcus


Hey guys, we’d like to start by thanking you all for your reports. While we cannot (and wont) discuss the details of our investigations publicly, nor address specific actions taken on other users’ accounts, we can assure you that our team is taking your reports seriously and that we indeed have a system in place for cheater detection. Confirmed cheaters, when caught, will be sanctioned.

If you would like to report a player you suspect is a cheater, please reach out to, including as much information as possible in your email.


If they don’t punish those cheaters, there will be more and more people cheating in the game since there is no consequence. Why not, you can earn so many runes and 5* sheep from cheating.


I just got hit by one. Where do I report them? Less than half my BP and my dragons didn’t do any damage.
edit: I see. Submitted an email with screenshot.

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Well. While reporting them is the right thing to do, unfortunately ludia punishes the wrong people, no second thoughts. The screening system is that good :joy:

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I’ve had the exact same issues with all of the exact same players that LGG has posted. Why are these accounts still active???


@Marcus Are these players checked? Enough evidence justifies proper suspicion. I think we deserve some responses regarding the abnormal Arena stats we are getting from these players.

And, we know you guys don’t discuss cheating behaviors of specific players. The results can only be one that it’s a visual bug so they actually play fairly and are just able to defeat us every time; two that they are cheaters and you don’t discuss them so no way we could know if they are punished. But from the game, they are active while some legit players who show correct stats consistently are banned?

I really hope you guys could trade shoes and act responsibly. Ain’t it all the love for toothless bring us together? Do you think we are letting him down by having a circus here?


Yeah, I see that now :frowning:

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