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Arena Cheaters


Ok, so I know this has most likely been brought up before, and I guess I shouldn’t complain when it results in a nice easy win for me. BUT, something needs to be done about the arena cheaters. People who work their way up building a nice strong team and then select a bunch of level 4 or 5 Dinos just so that they can drop back down through the arenas in order to annihilate the lower levels with a level 25 Indoraptor or some such in order to get a bunch of daily battle incubators with very little effort. A lower limit needs to be put on the Dinos you can use in any given arena to prevent this from happening. It is tempting not to say anything as on the way down these cheaters are a welcome win, but if you are a lower level it’s not going to be as much fun when your entire squad is wiped out in 3 attacks because of this. Just my opinion but I’m sure that there a many lower level players who will agree with me.


Their not cheating though… there simply taking advantage of a game mechanic that should have been adressed along time ago.

Its a problem that Ludia needs to answer but its not cheating. Cheap yes it is… but people tend to take the path of least resistance and dropping to farm easy inc and coins is the path of least resistance.

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How exactly would this “result in a nice easy win” for you? You are saying you do it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s a nice easy win when after battling high-level uniques your next opponent brings out the level 1s.

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They also need a maximum dino level for lower arenas. Since I play a level 10 only team on my second account but have dino’s up to level 21, it’s easy to accidentally go into PvP after defeating an epic strike tower with level 20 and 21 dino’s. I did that once back when my dinos were getting into their upper mid teens and almost twice but caught it real quick.

Having said this, the reason I would like this is because my teeny little level 10 team often faces sinosaurus’s as yesterday, up to level 16… einiasuchus’s and triceratops gen 2 up to level 15. Ok every alliance reward dino with the exception of majungasaurus up to level 15.

I have a good powerful well rounded team of 10’s as I actually sometimes beat these players. I do change them up as I have 31 of them and I get bored of playing the same ones. It’s nice when on occasion I do play against a team that doesn’t have an alliance reward dino on their team.


Can someone explain to me how I battled someone and I never was allowed a move even though I was using faster dinos. And this individual was Not listed in recent opponents.


Sorry, I am dropping because PvP battles have just gotten silly.

Was up in mid-Lockwood. I just lost so many battles in a row though, that I am back to mid Ruins. I am playing against people in Ruins that have level 24 Uniques (and not just one or two). The game has taken me to the point where I no longer care about having a strategic battle since it is 75% RNG based now anyway. Yeah, sometimes RNG works totally in my favor (also silly). I am dropping now so I can more easily collect my incubators (sorry), but the PvP is no longer fun at all, so I will use it only for farming DNA to lvl my dinos for the towers.

It stinks that the game has gotten to this point. I used to enjoy the battles. The lower arenas are actually more fun and strategic tbh. May just hang there and use my lower level dinos until I need the incubators. I will at least be courteous enough to play and not let me game sit there while people kill my dinos.

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Hey man you do what you got to do :100:


Yep, finding it more fun in badlands and lockdown. A bit more skill and less RNG-based. Been kind of fun pulling out the lower dinos to see what they can do. Once you get past a certain level, (which is now Ruins) it seems to be mostly the same 8 or so dinos.

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