Arena Chest Rewards is less rewarding than the free chest

Arena 6 Chest it is pointless progressing top tier arena when free chest gives better rewards it seems the higher I go in arena the less I I receive from arena chest.

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Tier 7 common drop

I was under the impression the arena chest are better at rewards the higher you progress.
The developer’s need to re-evaluate the arena chest level 1 chest should not be the same as level 6 and the free chest should not give more items than any of the tier groups in arena.

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I really dont fell motivated to play that horrible PvP and grind for the chests. It took me more than 2 hours/ day to get 16 wins (8 for the common chest + 8 for the vips).

This is far beyond torture. I think the devs team never really played this game without an edited account T____T

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Tier 7 uncommon chest

I wonder if there is different types of chest in arena all I get is the brown 1 no doubt the reward will be an eye sore looking forward to the free chest for better acknowledgement.

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Tier 7 Rare stop

Tier 7 epic stop
(I am putting here the drops at the pace they are dropping)

You lucky @Scolex all I get is brown chest and currently have a brown 1 active.

Just dropped, common arena chest. First this week

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