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Arena Chests Collection

I’m just missing the 18-hour Purple arena chest, but I only have 4 slots.

The available chests are in the infographic below:

That red chest is insane… Got it only once before but still remember the feeling of opening it.


What A Glorious Feeling It Is!!! Think I’ve Had Two Reds, 4 or 5 Purple Since I’ve been Playing.

Sure Wish We Could Bet Gold With Each other On PVP, Kinda Like You Could On CSR2 Drag Racing, That Would Be Bomb!!!

This apparently only took 3 months of grinding.

One of each rare chest.

It’d have been a lot easier if I were winning more than 20% of my matches.


“Did you forget to open a BATTLE CHEST?”


What was in your red?

There’s no legendary but I really liked the common I got:

That’s a great common - still a ways for me to max that!

My red had a legendary a couple of days ago but was paladin armour :frowning: