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Arena climbing

I wonder if any ppl close. I fought but bots last two weeks


P2W flexing on us

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I’m almost arena 6… lol

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I look forward to fighting you

Wow! I’ve been playing for around almost 2 weeks. I’m still very far from that. Arena 4, almost 5.

I’m on 6, but I honestly find the PVP such a poor miserable joke that I find it not enjoyable to play. 1 out of 10 battles is won by skill, the other 9 out of 10 I find are determined by blind luck crits/misses, poor matchups, or the game simply closing before the battle and one guy simply killing the other one before they log back in… lol. .

Good on you for getting up to 7 though. Takes some work! But I cannot see myself playing it that long to get there. Just too boring.


Yeah, the balance for PVP is BS. I keep getting my weakest character in the battle EVERY TIME! Like statistically I should have something else. Then, there are the awesome times when I happen to be on the verge of winning (my four fully healed against their single remaining character), and their dude just wipes all of mine out with two shots. It’s just BS. Honestly, the drops from the chests suck as well, so I’m not even sure the point other than that there is literally very little other way to advance in the game.


Fulfilling daily pvp chest quests, you may expect 2 legendary pieces per week, more or less, and quite some epics

Two legendary a week? I seem to get 1 a month so far. From THOSE chests anyway. Maybe when I get a higher level the legendary rate increases.

Tier 7 arena, I mean

Meh, it’s all bots. not that difficult to climb if you have lvl 5 - 7 epic gears.
It’s all on rotation you get weak enemies 2 - 3 times, then you get op enemies 4+ lvls higher, then back to the lower enemies 2 - 3 times. so in the long run you climb no matter what if you are just active in pvp!

That is its design. 4/3wins- 2/1defeats. I hope you clima up fast, quite alone here. But maybe you are fighting only bots too.

yeah going to see if 9999 is the max or what

PVP definitely all bots.

Developers when are going to battle P2P? Instead of battling against a computer.

IDK, I don’t think I have played many bots thus far, but I am only in Arena 6.

But I would like to suggest they drop the silly “if you have one player left, it gets to attack every round” thing. It’s kind of ridiculous (to me anyways) when you knock an opponent down to the point that you have 3 PCs to 1, and then that 1 PC crits and kills all of your 3 PCs or whatever and wins the match. Really… if you get someone down 3 to 1, they should be toast.

Also, I find the tiefling just ruins game play. It’s gets so boring trying to play and almost all the PCs are unable to move or do anything, and I am sitting there watching paint dry. I just turn off the game then, and come back later! Pretty much if both sides draw warlocks, I shut it off and let the other person win. I play it once in awhile with that scenario, but really it is boring. It’s not much better when 1 guy has the tiefling either because there is a whole lot of one-side-does-nothing for the match, which is a snooze fest.

A few tweaks and for myself the PVP could be improved a lot.

I just muddle through it, regard it as boring, but necessary so as to get some gear and loot.

I get the same 3 bots all the time since arena 1 and arena 6 myself same bots level 8 killing my level 10s one hit, it takes me 10 attempts just to get 1 brown chest that all I get brown chest, I seen other players getting different type of chest through arena when screenshots are posted so pvp either poorly structure or developers are manipulating my account to suit there sensitive needs not sure what is happing but what ever is happing it not right and not happy with arena so far I am at lose 1800 arena points which Devs claim they cannot do anything about the points lost but Devs are happy to sabotage my account just my opinion, that my whinge for today :slight_smile:

I’ve been up in legendary since a few days after PVP came out.

I play in there daily to fill my chest slots and I’ve fought, like, 2 humans in PVP in the legendary arena. It’s getting kinda boring facing the same 8 random heroes with the exact same gear attacks.

P.S. I hate the warlock and her Mass hold spell.
P.P.S. I am thankful the bard doesn’t have the Dominate spell at that lv.

Bard I face level 8 get 2 hit just like tommus, when my bard was level 8 she didn’t get the opportunity to have a second hit, it seems the level 8 bots have legendary gear and I cannot attach legendary until bard is level 10 however bard is now 11 but no legendary gear only epic.

I’ve been in tier 7 for about 3 weeks now and am yet to get one legendary from it. If you’re getting 1-2 per week that’s crazy good luck.

Two last week. None yet this one