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Arena climbing

I’ve had zero glorious chests, and two ornate “purple”

Both purple have had zero legendary, zero epic. For the second best chest possible in the highest league, they have sucked.

It seems it goes beyond 9999

For the love of God, please put a forfeit button in the game for Arena.


oh boy that sux

I wish there was a skip turn button. I can’t attack and have no buffs? Then I just want to stand where I am. I don’t want to waste a turn running backwards or god forbid forward, and then waste another one getting back in line,


I have to say that I’ve been pretty disappointed at PvP/Arena. I’ve only made it to Tier 3 with Level 7 characters. Repeatedly I get put against a raft of Level 8’s that are often toting multiple Epic weapons/gear on most of the 4 characters. And, of course, when the Tiefling knocks you back every time or immobilizes the group… it makes for a crappy game while the Ranger and Mage just kill you from 3 zones away. Or, you have the Cleric who can seem to cast Regenerate/group-heal every round. Seriously?

The bottom line is that the algorhythm that matches people up is either non-existant, or badly broken. From the outside looking in, it looks like your number of trophies is the only thing that determines who you get matched against. Which, for some reason, matched me up with a team of level 3/4 characters once rencely. We both had the 700 trophies. It was a mercifully quick match. I felt bad for them.

Yeah fighting the Tiefling is awful, there is just nothing you can do, it’s pretty frustrating.
Every single time the game chooses Raika in my lineup, every blasted time. She is not very good, that’s irritating the piss out of me as well


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Once i’ve gotten passed 9,999 there was no reason to continue :stuck_out_tongue:
So far this game feel more like a single Player game, I don’t know why we need an internet connection, PvP has been 100% bots and the rest of the game is all single player.

Yeah, people stop playing long before 10k, which is why you’ll only ever get bots. I mean there has to be a few other people that threw enough money at the game to get the gear to get rank.

Few and far between I’m sure.


Do You Pay?

Definitely noticed that its an little tougher/slower to climb area now…bots are playing somewhat smarter


Totally love this game - first Purple Chest :wave: