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Arena crashed


For some reason every 4/5 battles my battle just bugs out. only restarting the app solves it after which the battle is obviously already lost or beyond rescuing. Anyone else having these troubles? Highly annoying as I am trying to hit 4500 before tourny ends :frowning:


Sounds like your playing on an Ipad. I know that after like you say, 4-5 battles, it bugs out and you have to kill and reload the game. When I’m friendly battling myself, experimenting with different dinos and doing several battle in a row to get the right dinos out on each account it does what you say… bugs out in some way where the battle is going on, on my phone but the Ipad is just sitting on the count down screen or what ever with dinos or things not displaying.


Iphone 8 IOS 12.1 have had the occasional crash before once or twice (probs because of wifi loss) but not as bad as it has been yesterday and today. Switched off wifi and playing on 4G to exclude it being bad wifi connection but still have the issue


If froze on my today it actually was a draw I had 2 wins and the other person had 2 wins