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Arena: Crystal III

Arena needs to quickly have other tiers and rewards to advance to. After just 4 days there are 10 people at the Crystal III tier. At the end of 14 there will most likely be people with 20,000+🏆.

It’s diminishing returns to keep trying to play after 5,000🏆. The arena rewards system is amazing, but if you’re going to make this where you can play by purchasing energy you need to improve the trophy ladder. AND QUICKLY.

Once the leaderboard cuts in half you’ll need to go out even farther for the next season. Stay ahead of the curve ludia.


Seems like a reasonable thing would.have been to put arena energy in the arena shop. Limit it to 10 or 15 purchases a season


Or how about not having purchasing of energy at all? Makes it more fair and challenging


You guys want more rewards for buying energy and playing bots all day ?

How about doubling the cost each time you buy arena energy like the trust point events?

Do you want to double the price for each refill of exploration energy as well?
It‘s not easy to balance everything, but I think it‘s only fair to be able to buy Arena energy if one is able to buy exploration energy. Ludia has to make money to keep the game going, so an Arena feature of course will lead to more advantages if you start to pay money.
Alpha energy is a different thing since the challenge of Alpha is to bring it down with a limited number of turns and hits.

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I would agree with you if arena matchmaking was against real players within the same trophy range.
The top ranked players in the arena are fighting mostly bots to get trophies.

Did you ever see this bots? Because I won‘t be able to beat a team of these, even if I had a better team, I‘m being honest …

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The trust points dont double each time, it only increases by 150 runes each time