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Arena Defense team number of trophies lost

I think it would be good if the number of trophies your Defense team lost each time was always the same. I understand that when you attack a stronger team the more trophies you win - but I have no control over who attacks me. The other day I lost 30 trophies in one battle! I have never earned that many in one attack! I seem to spend most days getting back the trophies I lost overnight! I can’t afford to buy 8 hrs protection every night. Perhaps every Defense team loss should lose you only 15 trophies at all times

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Such thing would only happen if you get revenged. You don’t get naturally matched against someone with that big difference in trophies.

Well, it happened in the middle of the night and I’m pretty sure I’d never attacked them, but it is possible but it would have been hours before.