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Arena defense team totals

Anyone know why a defense team of 10 dragons would total up less than my main team of 5 dragons? What algorithm could a programmer come up with that would total your defense team less than your own team? I’ve heard of “new math”, but this is ridiculous to watch my totals decrease as I add new dragons to fill open spots. As it is I have open spots just to keep my point level up. And, how is it that a team of 1500 or more less than me can kick my teams butt? I understand trying to make it mor competitive, but something seems to be off here. Or, how is it that the same person seems to always find me to defeat me. What algorithm is allowing the same person to find me on a constant basis to battle? Things that make you go hmmm.

It seems when you put more than 6 dragons in your defense team the buff would be lowered. So the best defense team may just need 6 dragons. I have defeated quests with 2000 more bp than me so I think bp can be deceptive. Combination of dragons and luck can influence the outcome of a battle more than a thousand bp, both for attack teams and defense teams. And if someone just put three powerful ones in the main defense team and place some weak dragons in reinforcement, the team will be a lot harder to defeat than the bp suggests. I don’t know for sure how they calculate bp but those bps are less to be trusted than the ones in quests.

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It sucks and it is nog funny to play anymore sorry To say but I het a very bad mood swing playing

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The stats you get to see for Defense - own team and others - are just weird, I’ve tried adding up the buffed figures ( and unbuffed) and it doesn’t seem to relate to anything that I can get to with my trusty calculator, so ‘new maths’ indeed!!

I know. Still can figure it out. Got excite as for one whole day thought they fixed it as my team jumped up in totals. Then nope, back to made up math and my 10 dragons were worth less than my 5 dragons. Everyone seems very upset with this whole arena…