Arena Disconnection


Anyone experienced disconnection when the arena is starting?

I always disconnected when i pick my first dino. Opponent dino never appear.
I need to press random screen just to get the att but no attack animation is show, no opponent dino is shown.

if switch app, and get back to JWA apps, I have lost 2 dino and cannot win.

Phone: Xiaomi redmi note 5
Android: 8.1 Oreo
This never happened until the Strike Event Patches. Now its occurred in each arena battle. I keep losing from this.

anyone experienced this?


Hey Badgame, I’m sorry to hear that you are having these problems. Try some of the troubleshooting steps here and see if it helps: Lost a battle I was winning
If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, contact our team here at with your support key.


it does nt fix at all, already follow everything.
ITs not about connection stability, there are something wrong with your update that does that to the game.
Its not only me having the issue.

Everytime I am reconnect I already lose 2 of my dinos. And unable to fight at all.

I am gonna stop playing for now, not worth my time ever.


nah you’re wrong. their servers are perfect. it’s all 5,000,000+ of us that have bad connections :+1:
and has been since the soft launch.


thanks cleverboy