Arena drives me insane


I’m an inch away from uninstalling the game. Really had enough with Arena bugs. You walk around gathering dna, get some exercise on the way, all great. And then the moment of truth … only to have Arena screw up on you and you lose.

So, I’m hovering on about 3450-3650 (and have been for a couple of months, can’t seem to progress much further). So presumably I have a decent setup and am not an idiot. So how on earth can I lose 10+ battles in a row dropping down to 3200? Easy, a few times I suddenly have no skills to use, kill the game … lose the fight. If I so much as get a notification from anything else on the phone, good chance it’ll screw up. Sometimes opponent simply has better setup, no problem there. Sometimes I make a wrong choice, no problem there. Sometimes opponent has 3 hits in a row, wtf ?!? definitely problem there (that’s what just threw me over the edge, and after previous battle bugged out so I lost a fight I couldn’t lose normally).

It’s freaking hard to even keep on top of the ranking, and when you lose so many points due to bugs, and so often, it’s infuriating. Fix the damn thing already, it’s been over 3 months that I’m aware.


So, it’s been a few weeks. Glad to see some bugs not happening anymore. And I managed to reach Arena 8 … for a few minutes that is. Back to the problem, decided to give it 3 days, and if nothing changes, I quit. Day 3 today, and I uninstalled JWA. My issue with it all is that arena is too aggravating. And like in my initial post, same thing keeps happening.

Reach the peak of what I can, then lose 10 battles in a row. Every battle (unless I lost the nerve with it being loss #3-4-x in a row) I played till the end. And it’s almost always at the end I get screwed. I played over 10 battles each day, probably about 20 I guess. When I drop down to about 3800, then I start winning one after another. And when I look at how much time I’ve invested in arena alone, it’s just not worth it anymore for something which is instead of fun or rewarding, infuriating. Among annoying parts is that I almost never get a critical hit, but get hit regularly, of course almost always right when it’s the only thing that can kill me.

Shame, because I do like the game, I think a lot of things are done right and have enjoyed it for the most part. May come back to it, who knows, but at this moment I’m done with it. Don’t mind the hard bits (if hard and not bugs or cheaters), but I do mind the waste of time it exerts.


I agree, it’s not worth the aggravation. Many here feel the same way, the game does not allow much, if any, actual progression.