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Arena Dropping Deliberatery: Still Worth It For 1.7?


I Wonder if the strategy so used for many people, to drop arenas to get specific DNA…
Still worth it for 1.7?

New matchmaking and trophies system… doesn’t make things very harder?



Yeah, doesn’t seem to work. Was trying to drop down to use some new, lower lvel dinos, but it was putting my 13 and 14 lvl dinos against 20+ ones. Even with those losses I would only drop a small amount. It’s too bad, because I liked dropping down to play different dinos. Now you’re kind of stuck playing only your highest level ones or having a guaranteed lose.

This was my experience anyway.


nah dont do it. you get the most boosts in the top arenas


isn’t matchmaking supposed to put you against (about) same level dinos?
the system matches TEAM average level or all your roster average level?


I tried to stay at 4750ish trophies and do the “grab and go” incubator dash.
I’ve now fought a 5470, two 5300’s, three 5200’s five 5100’s, a 5000, five 4900’s, four 4800’s, a 4700, three 4600’s, and an unlucky 4500.
When I actually try I’d be in the 5300 range.
Whatever they did seems to be working as intended for me. (I’m fighting people I really should be fighting)
From my experimentation the only way I could drop a lot of trophies was to go with my real team and continuously swap. It took time and I would lose 50ish trophies.
The quick way of fielding a level 5 team resulted in 1 trophy loss.
This was before the may 2nd fix though.


I’m dropping unintentionally with all the timout bugs occuring in battle first match, normally by time app restarted I’m either 2 down & no way back or battle already lost


Thats happened to me 3x already…all I was trying to do is work toward a daily battle incubator…for the daily quests…its really aggrivating…


They really need to fix this


I have been working on daily battle incubator for the last hour have had 3 battles. 1. was in the battle took down first opponent dino and get a timed out message. Try to get another battle for 15 min and finally get in one that is way over my level so loss. Trying to get another now been timing out every since.


I guess it either matches your trophy levels or maybe your highest level dinos. Unfortunately that makes it impossible to play some of my weaker ones, that are different.


Arena dropping for DNA was never worth it. There have been numerous in depth calculations been made to prove that.

Now it’s not only not worth it, you also gonna have a hard time coming back up making it a even bigger loss on coins and DNA.


I was at 3015 trophies. Matched with some one at around 2700 trophies with a Level 21 Indoraptor, Level 18 Boost Utahsino, I got timed out in the middle so got a poor match up against indoraptor that I may have been able to take out with my 17 Procertomimius if I didn’t get kicked out of the game, then a two in a row unlucky dodge against his Indominous.

The kicker, becuase of the large trophy discrepency, I lost 36 trophies, against a match up that was quite the challenge. I’m not saying I had no chance of winning, but it was slim. Trophy distance needs to count for less in face of a high difference in team score.


Yep, it is pretty, incredibly, amazingly broken…

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Yeah, I was not dropping for DNA, just to play some of the other dinos.


well… so, now its a very bad idea regardless of the reason to drop. :thinking:

maybe that new tournament can be an alternative to this.


Yep, figured that out pretty quickly. That would actually be a cool idea. Tournaments where there is a level limit.Until then I guess it’s just friendly battles against my kid or myself :frowning:


Deliberately is not the word I’d use.

I’ve dropped 700 trophies in the last 2 days. I’m at 4100 right now after winning a weird battle against lvl 29 Nundasuchus (what?)

I am so disappointed at the moment with the timeouts and ghost battle losses and phantom trophy drops that I’m just freefalling with reckless abandon until I can reliably get incubators again.

So I apologize if you see lvl 22-25s in Badlands soon, I promise I’ll speed out as soon as all this nonsense is fixed. But I dont forsee me winning battles anytime soon when all this ridiculous boosted nonsense keeps flooding my battles.


I’m kinda laughing over the idea of purposely dropping an arena level… not to mention laughing at my inability to think of it for myself. <8-o On the other hand, I’ve encountered so many level 20+ beasts (the majority of mine are 16-18) that every time I get over 2500 trophies I get pushed back down, no voluntary actions required on my part!