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Arena dropping now legitimate?

I believe arena dropping is now a more legitimate way to find equal match ups,

I understand some are getting equal match ups but most are not,

I have minimal boosts and a team average of 26-28 and all i face is fully boosted teams of 30.

That doesn’t sound like the match making is working correctly to me…


I’ve stayed at 4500-4750 as long as Aviary has been around.
As of 1.7 I was immediately fighting top 500 teams at that threshold.
Trophies no longer hold the weight they once did in match making.
It may be viable, but be advised you may have to take a significant trophy cut to make a difference.
I gave up after a few hours of experimentation. (I have a limit over how far I’m willing to drop)

I believe so and is way more fun! I put my tournament team in the arena and dropped down to upper Sorna - filling my incubator slots now and having fun battles. Once the tournament is over I will rise up a bit using a team suited to whatever arena I am in - I have a lot of creatures around L20 that I want to experiment with.

I think there is one “rule” - respect the arena you are in with regards to team selection.


Ive stayed in the top 250 for 3 days now around the 50-100 mark but find no equal match ups…

I mean not even one somethings clearly out of whack id like just a few equal matches to keep it interesting but its not happening

I agree completely i think the difficulties people will face is how do you respect the arena you are in when even lockwood is a mess with 30 uniques running around,

Its certainly possible in Sorna and Ruins; not sure about Lockwood, I freefalled through that arena and only started to slow my descent in lower Ruins :smile:

On my 2nd account where I was playing level 10’s and 11’s, I had to up the 10’s I was playing to 11’s and add a couple 15’s because the change had me slowly sinking and got just below 1000 where I would not get any boosts at all. Now I’m going back up to where I was holding. So now I have usually one level 15 to counter the 14-15 sometimes 16 alliance rewards the low players are always throwing out.

I always start and use my 11’s in battles till my opponent throws out a 14 or 15 and then I will bring a 15 out otherwise I like to keep battles even rather than just throwing my highest right out. I want to do battles, not blood baths like the upper arenas have become where the fastest Thor or Utasino wins and almost solo’s the opponents teams.

It’s a legitimate way to screw someone else over instead of getting screwed yourself. Nothing in those matchups is equal.

Not judging anyone who does it atm though.


Agreed it has become stomp on someone or play fair and get stomped…

This is not balance something needs adjusting and really hope it does

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It is totally possible to arena drop and not stomp/screw over anyone …

This is my current team in upper Sorna; win/lose is about 50/50 but it holds station and fills my incubator slots and dailies …

When the tournament is over I will start mixing in some of these guys to get into Ruins.

Unless boosting is “fixed” this “band” of creatures and lower will be my new focus; once they get too powerful and I start rising I will swap in lower ones … there’s a lot of talent in the lower decks.

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I’m in the same boat. For the past several months I’ve been stuck between about 4700 and 5000. Have never dropped out of the Aviary, but I’m not progressing either. When you think about it, unless you are willing to spend a ton of money (I’m not), 90% of the DNA you collect won’t ever be used when hit that level. Others progress, and you find yourself stuck. I’m okay with that. I LOVE at least the idea of a skills tournament. And frankly, dropping arenas has been at least to date the only way to mix things up and try new dinos. I never considered it ‘not legitimate’ at least not the way I’ve done it. When I decide to do a drop, I first try out some of the lesser effective uniques and legendary creatures. When I hit the balance point I swap those out for an epic team, then a rare team, then a common team until I bottom out, which is usually around 3,000 trophies. I climb the ladder the same way. I seriously doubt most of the teams I play even know I’m dropping. My two cents. If I hadn’t had that option available I would have just gotten bored and quit. Seeing Thor, Eril, Tryk, etc in EVERY single battle gets boring really quick. Every team has mid to high 20’s rat, and off you go. I actually like the stat boosts because it’s different. You get to the top tiers by either cheating or paying. Otherwise I think 5K is pretty much the ceiling.


I did it differently. I don’t like being in the top 500 because it becomes a huge time sink for me, but I never dropped so far as to flatten people. I just like to get my incubators, get in the car, crank up some 80’s metal or 90’s techno and hunt my locals. It would take me 20-25 minutes to get them. Now? Roughly an hour-hour and a half. Although not perfect, I agree the skills tournament has fantastic potential. The biggest reason with the current tourney is the meta. There are far more dinos which are viable compared to the traditional arena so you will have to think with every single matchup. Odds are you will be fighting a completely different team every match. They removed the wallet requirement, in the future I’d like to see them remove the time requirement as well. Someone posted the idea of limiting how many matches you can do a day which seems to be a good fix. If I could spend a couple hours a day or something to that effect as a cap, I would be curious to see how I stand and compare it to the arena. I’d like to think my true rank is in the top 2000ish. LOL

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Actually I go back up the same way I went down. More time consuming but more fun. As for the skills tournament, I didn’t get to play much, but I’m already at 500 (I’m 16-3 in matches). I think what will happen is what happened last time. People will see which dinos are effective and team composition will change. My team is highly swap based, so it’s mostly strategy, but most of the teams I’m playing are just brute force. Hope it doesn’t change.


less boosts in lower arenas.

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Less boosts in lower arenas would be a good suggestion im not sure how they would implement it though a cap maybe?

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I have my standard Arena team in and am just going to keep playing to find where my new balance point is. Not changing my team will find me matches, eventually, that are the same strength. I may look overpowered to some players but I am getting to point of win one loose one. I will keep dropping Trophy level until I find it.

Boosts shook up match making and trophy level pretty dramatically. It is not going to sort itself out overnight. I think of it like putting 6 months of playing the game into a one week period. BAM, several levels overnight instead of slowly leveling up teams. Players are going to have to find a new trophy level to equalize at. Many will not be happy they used to be at 4500 Trophies and now they are at 4000. It is their new trophy range for their skill/team level. It is going to take time (or boosts) to get back to where they were before.

So yeah, Arena dropping is now legitimate, intentional or not it is going to happen to many of us. Unless you were one who got the advantage of leveling dramatically overnight, you are going to legitimately drop Arenas.

Those who are intentionally dropping to avoid the initial slaughter, fine. Things will sort themselves out. They will eventually want to rise back up and find their new high trophy level. Those that drop just to pound on lower teams and get incubators, that is nothing new.

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no i meant you will receive less boosts in lower arenas.

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Correct me I’m wrong, you have to lose battles to arena drop, and you’re saying you’re losing all the battles where you’re at now. This one is kinda working itself out, no?

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Correct. Less boosts for free at lower Arenas.

But those users have the choice of purchasing and advancing faster than the others. Those still down here are boosted less. If they are boosted more they rise in Trophies.

Yeah but in Sorna and Ruins you’re only talking 3 rather than 4.