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Arena Dropping...still...why?

Didn’t know this was still a thing… smh… just fought this person with this team in low Aivary

This should not be allowed to happen… Once you reach a certain arena… you should be locked in so you can’t do this

Strangely I fought a team of all L1s this morning - that hasn’t happened for a while.

I which they would lock you in - I wouldn’t keep falling out of Gyrosphere Depot :laughing:


Why would you care? How is it different than Ludia dropping people when they do boost resets, or even every time Ludia starts a tournament/season and they reset trophies??? Every time they do this, it pushes all the top players into upper Aviary/lower library and causes a push down for EVERYONE down the line. Complain about that.

The last time Ludia “did something” about this, we got a new matchmaking that completely screwed up the game.

Honestly, with Ludia, you need to be careful what you complain about.

Take the easy win.


i still drop each update for testing purposes, and looking for some fun too.

but when i drop, i change my team to a more arena compatible one. this way i give free trophies to another player when i drop, and guarantee equal chances when i try to climb back.

since i reached my personal “endgame” (low library) and can’t progress at all in game, i do some other things other than battle ping-pong and collect useless incubators forever.

considering NOBODY accepts friendly requests anymore, and campaign was abandoned by ludia, we find some other ways to keep the game fun and not cry about 1 year of work and some money spent, other than stay in the ping-pong win-loose-win-loose hundreds of times a day.


Simple in concept, terrible in execution.

Ludia just reset boosts and nerfed boosts. You had teams in Library without uniques. You lock them in to library. Now you’ve got a bunch of teams locked into library that have no way of lowering to their natural level, which may be several arenas below. How do you handle this situation for the player? Continually match them with players many levels above theirs to where it’s a continual loss cycle? They end up with zero trophies, but are in Library.

How is that even possible to execute?

Many teams go to higher level arenas than they belong, but then settle back to their natural balance. For this reason, we can’t lock players to their highest level arena reached.

Ludia’s solution to the previous complaints has lead to the change in matchmaking where some players are now facing teams many levels above their status, where they can’t possibly win, along with the trophy points where you had to win something like 5 wins to account for two losses.

Please, just take the easy win.

It’s also possible that someone didn’t change their team back after a tournament or friendly battle, because Ludia can’t be bothered with allowing us to set up several teams for different scenarios… like PoGo can.

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To answer the why, Ludia implemented a 120 second timer in beach to prevent those that were “excessively grinding” boosts from battling just ai to accumulate their 1k boosts a day…

So now you got people from beach dropping down to farm wins in gyro… which then someone in gyro goes hey that not a bad idea Ill drop some to farm boosts.

Right now the only limiting factor for how many boosts you can buy is how many matches can you win.


I hadn’t thought of that - that would explain it

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Just trying to get the alliance missions done I guess. Don’t mind encountering them every once in a while

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Yeah, doesn’t bother me and helped me set a new highest ever score. The dropping has never been an issue … its when they try to go back up and just put their full strength team on and rampage through everything.

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I find it funny the system they implemented to deter dropping, boosts distribution… has become the reason people are dropping.


I think as DragonHunter says, we should be grateful for the easy win and leave it at that.
The way matchmaking has been ruined in the past by Ludia listening to the community to prevent this was a complete disaster.
It is what it is and it really doesn’t hurt anyone. You get an easy win as they drop, and may get a loss as they climb back up.
It’s no biggie Ludia and we really aren’t bothered by it!


This is one good reason to quick drop and then return.

On your way up, you battle, get an incubator, pay to cash it out for the boost and repeat. Cashing out on incubators is cheaper than buying boosts in the store.

So basically, the boosts out of the PvP incubators has given reason to drop again, not just arena specific DNA.

I’m also getting 4 of each boost in the 3000 range out of DBI’s. Don’t know about below.

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Thanks for the new insight everyone… never really thought about it in ways like that… oh well… I will take the easy win and keep it Pushing! XD

Also because people still need some of the exclusives like Iritattor, so they might drop there so can get a big Incubator of it. I wish I could.