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Arena dropping

I guess it’s not a huge issue cuz this is the first time I’ve felt the need to say something but arenas should probably be dino level restricted. I should not be fighting this in the 4300 trophy range. Either that or give me a surrender button. 20190111_083404|243x500


Agreed, personally I’ve never seen a team like that at 4100 trophies but that’s ridiculous. I think something similar to overwatch would be nice where once you hit a certain trophy level you can’t go below. So if you got to 4500 you can’t go below that, idk have it work every 500 trophies, I think that would get rid of a lot of the frustration too around losing. My wife and sister in law both don’t like battling because they don’t want to go down in trophies even though at 2000-3000 trophies don’t really matter until you get into the top 500. But if they could play knowing that since they got to 2500, they wont go back below that til the end of the season that might be nice, and if they make it to 3000, they wont go below, etc

That would negatively affect those of us who like to play a greater variety of low level dinosaurs in lower arenas.

I really like my legendary hybrids, but under no circumstances should I be locked into playing them only because they’re my most-developed. I need the ability to drop arenas to stave off the tedium.

I am 100% behind the idea of a surrender option, though!


The issue with “once youve gotten to a level” is you often have lucky stretches and end up higher than you belong. If you had a hot streak the got you to 4501 and you could never drop below 4500 again but your team and skill level says you belong at 4200… You will lose and lose and lose.


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

I could see playing with lower level dinos in lower arenas being fun!


But if I were to friendly someone, I’d probably switch back up real quick. And then back down for the arena again.
It would be like taking my baby dinosaurs to school.


Not trying to minimize whatever outrage this is causing you, but instead offer you an alternative way of looking at this when it happens. I face teams with decently higher level dinos from time to time too, as do we all, but when it happens I choose to look at those matches as great practice against dinos I don’t often have the chance to play against. As long as I don’t immediately give up, I occasionally win some of these matches. The majority of them I lose, but I know it was just 1 match compared to a vast majority that aren’t so out of balance.


I think I got flagged for leaving the names in. My bad. Essentially, encountering people “in the process” of dropping down super low and then easily trouncing people on the way back up just makes me mad because it’s such a cheap thing to do.

The issue is the ‘arena exclusive’ dinosaurs like gallimimus and irritator. And even hart to obtain epics like anky, pyroraptor etc.
If you want to obtain these sometimes it’s easier to go down to arena 3 or 5 (depending on what you need) to farm the incubators to give you a better chance of getting the dinos you need.
Don’t forget it’s swings and roundabout when it comes to battling, you win when they go down, and lose when they go up. So you already gained the reward and it usually takes 30-60 seconds to win/ lose. Yes I get it’s infuriating. But I always found it cool when a magna, indoraptor or erlidom Popped up in the battles as they was insane.

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Arenas should have level caps and we should be able to choose in which arena to fight in, in my opinion. Or at least, if they want to continue with this trophy system, they could give us another battle system option in which there are level caps and we can choose arena. So we can play and use all our dinosaurs in base of how we leveled them. And not to be forced to lose on purpose if we want to battle with dinos other than our top8

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I worked on a system to prevent the mis-matches we all have, way out leveled teams and the long win/loss streaks. Users would also be able to battle with different teams and not have to drop Arenas to use them. Users with a high-level team, but lacking in ability can also find their equilibrium of ability/score. Conversely, the high-skill users who battle with a lower level team will also find their equilibrium point. The only users who are not going to be happy are the users who drop Arenas to farm DNA. They will still be able to drop fast, but to win they will not be able to put their A team back in and crush their way back up. This system will make farming lower Arenas a pretty long, painful process.

The system ‘scores’ a team based on composition: rarity and level. It would search for matches using that rating rather than trophy count. This would allow a user to put in any composition of Dino and find competition based on their current team of 8. A player at 6000 trophies could put in a team of level 5 - 7 and be match against a similar level team at 1000 Trophies. They would win/lose trophy count based on win/loss no matter what level of Dino they played.

To take into account ‘expertise’ there is a handicap built in, because a top player would be no match for a similar Dino level player, who is only just beginning. This could be dropped for non-Tournament game play.

There is also a ‘handicap’ for win/loss streaks. Artificially dropping a player’s ‘score’ temporarily if they lose more than X matches in a row. They are paired with lower ‘scored’ players until they go on a win streak, then the handicap zero’s out and goes the other way as they go on a winning streak. This helps prevent the lucky RNG players getting too artificially high in Trophies, due to luck, and prevents them (on paper anyway) from going on that long losing streak as RNG catches up with them. A player in a natural rhythm of win/loss could advance with no handicap. As they level up their team their ‘score’ rises and they face higher level teams.

I tried to take into consideration the ‘ringer’ in a lineup. Users trying to ‘score’ artificially low with some Dino’s and having one or two monsters to assure a win. This is a bit trickier due to over leveled commons mixed with high level Unique.

The long wait times for the high-level players could be shortened if they put in a different team at a lower Dino level or ‘score’. Any user would also be able to use any team combination, regardless of trophy count, and play similar ‘scored’ teams. No more need to drop trophies to play the B team for fun.


Looks like a typical cheater to me sick of these droppers have you no shame . Hope you feel good about yourself I already have trust issues :cry::cry::cry:


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