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Arena End of Season: Path of Glory

@Marcus I have a really important question right now: Are ALL rewards supposed to refresh? or only those of the league you end up in?

If its the latter than that is really bad, because it would mean that some people that end up less high could potentially get a lot more rewards.


Hello @Zhyan

At the end of each season, players lose half of their trophies and the rewards on the Path of Glory reset only for the league that you’re in after the reset. Higher leagues have better rewards than lower Leagues, and you have to spend more time & energy to climb from lower leagues, so there’s no practical advantage to starting lower. That said, the design team is keeping an eye on the balancing and will adjust in future Seasons as needed.

I’m sorry but that seems ridiculous.

Just look at my situation. I was at 3746 before the end of the season. So i dropped down to 1873 in the new season, which means i’m now at silver 1 (1800 trophies). Now if i had dropped down to 3599 before the end of the season I would have ended up in Bronze 3. And Consequently would have gotten the rewards of that league refreshed instead (which would have been a lot more than what i got now).

So someone that ended the season only a few trophies lower ends up getting a lot more rewards? How is that fair?

Sure it’ll take more time to climb back up, but there are a lot of advantages for starting out lower. (facing less strong opponents so you’ll be able to easily keep win streak, get a lot more medals, …)


So, Right now the best strategy (when you can’t get in to top 200) is just to climb as high as possible (to get the stage/league rewards) and afterwards try to drop down as quickly as possible on the last few days so you can get lots of those stage rewards again in the next season.


I agree with @Zhyan. You should get all the rewards of what’s below you starting from the beginning and have to work to get the ones above you. The rewards going up the ladder are better than what you can win after 2 weeks of grinding. Additionally season 1 proved that the ladder needs to go MUCH MUCH higher than 5000.

The ladder rewards are what justify spending runes to buy energy. Figure out how to improve it.

You guys need to fix those 2 things ASAP.

Lastly, the algorithm for matching needs to be completely tweaked. I don’t care if I play the same 50 actual players 200x/day. But what shouldn’t happen is I play 99% bots and not have a chance to beat actual players and knock them down the ladder. I mean something a little more statistically in line, like 75/25 at least or maybe even 50/50.

You had a two weeks to assess. Time to make changes.


They did remove the bots

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So now seeing that dragonslayer faces only bots and I see none, plus he is I. 4k trophy range facing weaker teams than I am in 1.4k trophy range is very frustrating


Like I said, almost all bots.


@Marcus @Ned can we get some Info on this? Top players are getting boots to fight while lower levels fight real players. The bot teams are easier than players. So basically lower people will never be able to catch top 200 or wherever bots start


Since the new season begin I havent faced a single bot… Only ridicolously strong oponents.