Arena exclusive dinos

Someone from the Ludia support team please clear something up about arena exclusive Dino’s. So it is uncertain how the arena exclusive Dino’s work.
Option 1 Do the Dino’s unlocks once you get to that arena and everything from that arena and below go into a dna pool with the incubators pulling from the whole pool?
Option 2 The arena exclusive Dino’s can only be obtained while battling in their specific arena?

By clearing this up maybe it will start/stop people dropping arenas to farm specific arena exclusive dna.

Thank you!

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Option 3… Dinos unlock when you get to an arena. Once in a certain arena, you will get dinos specific to the arena you’re in and those below… By dropping arenas, you will not be getting dinos from higher arenas that you may have reached, only from the arena you’re in at that point in time and those below…


So dropping on purpose to farm DNA is actually a thing and it is totally dumb

It’s not. It doesn’t work like that. Everyone is doing this under that assumption.

It does work like that. Dropping to get better chances at specific dna is a thing because it you only get dna from your current arena and all lower. If you want anky, drop to arena 1 and you’ll only get anky and Alan epics in 8h.

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