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Arena Exclusives: Expected Average Results?


Since I’m not hardcore about min/max’ing and scrimping/saving my Hard Cash, I decided to celebrate my arrival into the Badlands Arena by blowing all my achievement cash and since they’ve changed which dinos are associated with each area, I really wanted Irritator DNA anyway…

Well, I sped up over a dozen incubators and two of those were 8 hour ones. The overwhelming amount of what I got was (on the rare side of things) Purrasaurus, Irritator (Gen 1) only coming in minimally on the 8 hour ones. Got PLENTY of ‘guaranteed’ Gen 2 Irritator (to the point where I was paranoid that Ludia mixed the coding up of the two different gens since Gen 2 is a Mt. Sino exclusive unlock) but it seemed pretty crazy considering that pre-patch, I could reliably get the relevant arena exclusive.

I blew through around 500 hard cash and…just really disappointed. Did they change the algorithm for how to determine these, skewing the previous average balance?

I am not counting incubators I had previously won from Nublar Jungle. These were ALL obtained from the Badlands.