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Arena experience survey Pt 2

Continuing from the last thread.

Which option would you prefer when it comes to balancing a ‘broken’ creature?

  • Nerf a creature

  • Add more counters to it

  • Others

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Which, in your opinion, are the top 3 most broken dinosaurs in the game?

  • Entelomoth

  • Geminititan

  • Indoraptor Gen 2

  • Procerathomimus

  • 149 Speed Thoradolosaur

  • Mammolania

  • Anything becomes a Monster with stat boosts

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What frustrates you most about the current arena experience?

  • Broken matchmaking

  • Overpowered creatures

  • Yawn

  • The presence of :whale2:s

  • Swap in attacks costing your match

  • The waiting timer

  • RNG working against you

  • The current meta restricting the usage of creatures

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What would you like to see changed in the arena?

  • Overpowered creatures getting fixed

  • An improved matchmaking

  • Removal of Stat Boosts

  • An unboosted arena

  • Improved speed ties system

  • Fixed matching-costing bugs

  • A changed meta

  • Others

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Why do you hate Stat Boosts so much?

  • Boosted monsters

  • Makes the game P2W

  • Removes the ‘fun’ from the arenas

  • Makes strategy near non existent

  • Makes certain creatures ‘Boost-Cows’

  • Makes us miss the glory days of JWA

  • Makes otherwise interesting play styles irrelevant

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Would you rather…

  • Buff old creatures

  • Nerf new creatures

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Why do you battle in the arena?

  • To help your alliance in terms of Defence Missions

  • To grind for coins through winning battles

  • To receive arena incubators

  • To achieve the highest score possible and getting a higher seasonal reward

  • I don’t.

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From a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you about the arena experience currently?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Would love to hear your explanations down below :slight_smile:


Very few interesting creatures exist at low aviary, making every battle feel the same.


True, it’s worst at High Aviary. It’s just Indo Gen 2, Erlidom, Indo and Thor. Somehow I see a surprisingly Low amount of Procerats running around.


In aviary, I see dracoRAT in every match, EVERY MATCH

Early days but that arena satisfaction question is giving a brutal result! 3.13 out of 10.

Serious food for thought if the devs ever came in here.

One good thing about player made surveys is that Ludia can’t rig the results, but it’s up to them whether they want accept them and modify the game based on such feedback

Stat boost restrict team building and limit variety. Would like to try out new creatures like grypo, pho etc etc but i can’t thus making my team stale. Looking to go unboosted next patch and see if the fun can return to battling cuz for me hunting is nonexistent. 1.15 is make or break!

Yes, but the same goes for anybody including yourself…

“Which, in your opinion, are the top 3 most broken dinosaurs in the game?” You’re only giving a few samples… Yet, our most hated dinos are often not on your small list… Bias?

“What frustrates you most about the current arena experience?”: What happen if nothing frustrate you… Personally, I love arena, and I’m playing JWA mostly because of it…

“Why do you hate Stat Boosts so much?” I don’t and I’m mostly free to play!!! So, why not adding a “I don’t hate it” in the possible answer?

So, basically, no matter who’s making a survey, there’s a huge chance that it will be biased and as such rigged as well…


You have to put into perspective that I’m a human too. I can’t give all possible responses. I’m not a psychic. There’s also a limited amount of responses that I can place. It’s a shame I can’t put a key in response, otherwise it would be more fair indeed. I’m also unable to edit the poll after posting it, and you can’t expect a single regular human to think through every single possibility. For example, am I supposed to put out the entire dinodex out for the ‘most hated dino question?’. It’s impossible to create a so called perfect survey that represents everyone’s interests. You are also misunderstanding my statement, I said the results are rigged, not the questions. Take the Halloween Event last year, somehow Suchotator won over Irritator? Somehow, the community voted that CS and Procera are fine as they are?

I know ludia is lazy but if they just make an unboosted arena for a mega update and if they aren’t doing this, then they could just extend the 1.15 release date. This would keep all players happy no matter what.

Only reason Ludia put survey out is to look like they are listening to the players. They more than likely never look at the answers! They have all the stats available directly from their servers (most used, win ratio, etc). So at any point of time, they can/will decide what to nerf or buff and bring the most money to them.

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Actually they are. Look at almost every nerf survey since 1.13 and we get the same broken creatures (and yes, they are ordered by most broken): Entelomoth, Lania, Gemini, Procerat, Indo2, Indom2, BOOSTS… shall I carry on?

Once again: The question is: “In your opinion”, not, based on a zillion survey made by guys who hate a bunch of dinos… My opinion is: If Ardentismaxima is not nerfed, it will be a major problem after the boost reset, and even if everybody has one (so that’s why they will never complaint against it), it will make the game very boring since pretty much, everybody will start the fight automatically with their uber boosted Maxima. Just my humble opinion…

Like I said, boost problem

Didn’t answer two questions. I don’t hate boosts, eventhough I agree they still need some modifications. So there was no right answer for me.

Also I didn’t answer why I’m battling in arena. It’s a combination of some answers and because I like battling. I actually enjoy battling in arena. Only all the time same lineups make battling boring.

EDIT: Don’t expect matchmaking to change. There is basically no real option to make matchmaking more fair, without making it exclusively PVE.

Also almost no one else hates maxima right now, that could change, but maxima is already used heavily boosted.

Nerfing creatures because of boosts is like taking my pocket knife cause i might not use it I self defense

As mentioned, I regret that there isn’t a type in option. That would have been quite optimum for this survey. I apologise if I have neglected some of your interests and I’ll try my best to implement it the next time I do such a similar survey

Make it like JW TG where it’s best creature determines opponent, anti dropper and balanced

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Just remember to weight survey equally. So there are all possible answers. Even if you don’t expect many votes on some of them.

Nice survey otherwise.

Lets Be honest here just one Attack of idoraptor2 could out speed a yoshi and gain two turns of. Doodge and that speed lasts for. A long time so We Either one Nerf both The only thing that idoraptor2 needs a nerf for its x1 attack Cuz Bruh its a x1 attack and yoshi Nerf its attack to a minimum of 610 or below to 450 Option two buff Diplovenetors Health to a minimum of 2790 and attack to 780 Diplovenetor is a really good counter for both idoraptor2 and yoshi and now option three add a new dino that has A great counter for both Either a unique or Legendary ex.Diploverogosaurus