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Arena Fix with RNG Still Involved - My Thought


After reading many topics, and now even an article on MetaHUB, about RNG… I think I have a good midway point between major RNG involvement and no RNG.

If you want fair RNG, have an A Team and a B Team that I can build and always be together. Then the RNG can have a 50/50 chance at selecting my A or B team that I know and designed to work well together. Not a mix and match of random crap thrown into a mix.

It’s called synergy. Right now, JW:A has none. I find it very frustrating to know that I have 3/8 my team as shield/armor busters to counter the meta, but I have many matches where I see none of them.

That way, at least if I am matched up against a total counter team, then oh well. That’s bad luck. I won’t be as angry if I know I am at a disadvantage from the start, rather than solely relying on a scale-tipping surprise during the fight.

It’ll sure as hell stop the Tank META, because people will start using full teams of Shield/Armor breakers to counter. I know I would have one. T-REX, Allosaurus, Indominus and Allosinosaurus.

I would love to hear community weigh-in.



Absolutely. I hate rng and would gladly see it all go, but I guess ‘less’ is better than nothing. I could never for the life of me understand why we have to have a randomly generated team ON TOP of all the rng that exists in the game with stuns and crits and dodges, and of course the rng OUTSIDE battle; incubator rewards and the like. It’s just excessive. The game would be perfectly fine if you just had a 4 dino team you picked, because its impossible to make a 4 dino team that isnt weak to something. Add in the fact that your choice of opening dino will greatly impact the game and there’s no reason for this random selection nonsense.

I would also like to see rng effects getting nerfed in general, since at the moment they pretty much always decide the battles. You miss and indominus or get stunned once or twice by a stegoceratops and unless you’ve got something insane in the back or get ridiculously lucky yourself you’re probably going to lose. Make it so dinos cant be stunned on consecutive turns; it wouldnt affect dinos with only 1 major stunning move and those that have multiple like stego would still have multiple chances to get a stun. Remove the damage buff from cloak or make the dodge a 1 turn part of the move; a boost like that should not be free; you should have to weigh up whether it’s worth the turn you are essentially giving your opponent.


This is obvious. Otherwise you would only need to level up less Dino. And battles will get stall very fast…
You have to consider that this is the game design. Random selection (a lot of games use this system) and RNG based moves (again this is not a discover and it’s here since the start) are in the DNA of this game. You have the right to not like it.

Have a look at pokemon GO if you want a game with no RNG : battles have almost no RNG (there is still some but very subtle) and battle teams are the one you decide (no RNG here)


I want more team RNG. Gimme a team of 12 that it randomly picks from. I have a lot of dinos i like, it’s hard to just pick 8 of them.


the random team is unfortunate but not the real RNG problem. it’s that games are won and lost because of critical hits, stuns and dodges that ruins it.

i would gladly let the CPU pick my team if they did away with those 3. i fair pretty well. top 150 right now and indoraptor is my only defense shattering dino.