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Arena Fixes

The thread name I was gonna put was taken, and this isn’t a nerf skoona thread
so anyway
this is about how to fix arena
speed boost limit
Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 4.08.52 PM
If something that is supposed to be slow but hit hard is fast and hits hard, in my opinion thats broken. I know I’m not the only one. I think you should only be able to boost a creature in speed 10 times. The people that have done more than that will get their boosts back if this change were to happen.
Adding good uniques that aren’t forgettable and will be used. Maybe some buffs and nerfs here and there.
who you battle
Matchmaking should be based off on both team power and trophy count. You would be able to battle people at around the same point in the game as you are. When you are one battle away from going to the next arena, you battle people that have the average team power in the next arena. This would result in first focusing on arena, then leveling up your team, then going back to arena, then leveling up your team, and it goes on.
This is just my opinion, It is not guaranteed to come into jwa
speaking of opinions, what are your opinions on this? you dont have to say its good lol

If your thread isn’t about nerf skoona then use another title lol. Nitro thors are really annoying at low stages but once you get higher there are many ways to beat them because of their low stats. I agree there are many forgotten uniques that needs a buff to be meta viable. And I think who you battle should be based only on trophies, but the outcome should be decided on team power. There’s no pride in climbing if you get same level of opponents anyway, but the end is decided by team power so you dont lose to someone with a stronger team and lose a bunch of trophies

Take a look at this

Making the speed boost limit at ten isn’t the way to go because people will simply have more boosts for the other stats (health and damage). Instead it should be that one speed boost is only +1 speed and not +2 speed like in the current system.


Skoona JUST got buffed last week and already people want it nerfed?! Sheesh!