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Arena frustration :’(

hi all,

i’m probably not the only one to whom this has happened… repeatedly. and i have been patient and understanding, but this was kind of the last straw and i finally succumbed to the frustration and felt the need to vent…

the arena is a really cool feature in the game, it’s fun, challenging and offers cool stuff for participants… when they are able to win battles. now, i think i have been a clever enough player to choose battles i felt i could win, and succeeded to do so on the majority. i have also regularly invested my runes in safeguarding my team from challengers… but the recent crashes that i have experienced have really started to turn this fun feature into a frustration. i had the game crashed on me in the middle of a winning battle several times… and as anyone who has experienced this would know, i ended up loosing trophies and winning streak. that was old news though, it’s happened before occasionally and i have chosen to let it be and accepted my misfortune on such occasions… however, just a few minutes ago it happened again… and with a little contempt and hope for redemption, i decided to retry the battle with the same opposition team… and i really think the battle was progressing in my favor… but suddenly, there was a pop-up notice saying something like ‘this battle is now over because you have been inactive for too long’… this error was new to me, and the only thing i could do was to accept (and of course, i did that too quickly to take a screen capture… more frustration, although this one is on myself) and you guessed it, i lost the battle, trophies, and i have to say even a little faith in humanity… haha… and here i am… bruised and deflated…

is there a way the technical team can look into this and explain the cause, and also try to prevent it from happening, to anyone…? i’d greatly appreciate the following up. thanks in advance to ludia and anyone who’s made it to the end of this rant. cheers to you and tears to me! :sob:

Hey Ayaya, I’m really sorry that happened with your battle, and it’s definitely frustrating. Please rest assured that our team is still looking into some of the arena issues that players are experiencing.

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key?


hi ned,

thanks for your attention. i did copy my post and forwarded it to the support team :pray:t3:


Would also be nice if the repeating issues with freezing boards finally get addressed and fixed. It is beyond frustrating if you have to abandon a battle yourself that you were winning just because the game decided to go “nope, bugger you, I’m going to ignore your input,enjoy your loss”.