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A general thought about the Arena. I’m sure this will have been discussed before but I’m beginning to realise that no matter how good your battle team, it is extremely difficult (impossible?) to advance up the leaderboard. Once passed Copper 1 stages my five-star team is virtually useless. Wonder if random number generator designed for the board and the increase in defensive stats for the opposing team have rendered the game nearly unplayable. Would like to know what people think.

Thank you.

It definitely seems like it throws random teams at you… sometimes I get put up against 6500+ teams that I know I cannot possibly win.

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Yes, I have come across that too, but it’s more fundamental than that. Some of the game mechanics have been altered. For example I use Mythic Murmurquill because it can prevent opposing team dragons from healing… not so, I have seen oppo. dragon team self-heal despite deploying that special ability. It’s that kind of subtle manipulation that is making the arena unplayable and damaging the game. Why would anyone invest financial resource into a system such as this. I gave up this morning and cancelled my subscription. I will still play the alpha battles but that is all.

This game was, is and and will forever be broken and with non-sense mechanics. It has the worst balance I have ever seen in a game and is a 100% pay to win. I gave up and uninstalled. I wish this game was banned from all the Android and iOS stores so they can’t make money from it. I simply hate it, the team behind it and the people that are working on it. They treat you like nothing, even if you pay for the game.

Better take a walk outside. Uninstall this game. It doesn’t make sense at all. The arena is the most annoying thing added. All the teams that you can play versus is full of 5 stars Murmurquill, Gritty sawmill and toothless and dragons with 8000 hp. Beat that balance, hehe. No thanks. Worst game ever.