Arena Glitch


Occasionally when searching for a battle, a message pops up saying the match is timed out. Note this usually only happens a few seconds into the search.
The problem is that the battle actually runs automatically in the background, and when you go to battle again, it turns out you lost through no fault of your own.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Hey CopernicusGrant, a match being ‘timed out” is usually caused by an issue with the connection. Try the troubleshooting steps on this thread and see if it helps: Lost a battle I was winning

However, if the battle is happening in the background and you’re not made aware of it, contact our support team with more detail so they can investigate further. They can be reached at, including your support key and any screenshot you have in the email would be really useful.


YES!! thank you. This happens all the time to me. Really annoying and I have lost many matches as a result. I have been trying to find a way to open a ticket for weeks


I’m not sure that there’s an easy fix for this problem, as many players have encountered it at some point or another (myself included).

For future reference though, if you’re looking to contact support, I believe you can do so by:
-clicking the black “Support” tab at the top of this page
-then click the orange “Contact Us” tab on the next page, filling out the required info.

I believe there’s also a support e-mail address floating around the forum too, but just know that the wait time for support tickets is 2 weeks at best right now. Best of luck and happy hunting.


Every time my phone pops up a battery warning, it glitches the arena and every time this happens I lose no matter what. Very broken glitch.


This happens to me about once every day :expressionless:

It kicks me out as soon as it finds an opponent, and by the time I get back in I’ve lost my chance to choose my starting dino. Super annoying.

[edit] I suppose you could say it’s connection issues, but that doesn’t really make sense as (at least for me) it kicks me out as soon as I get an opponent (I don’t even see the arena pop up), and as soon as I restart the game it’s fine :confused: I really hope they fix this soon, but based on other glitches that I’ve encountered and have yet to be fixed I really don’t have much hope at the moment…


Im not happy about when the battle times out waiting for an opponant mine freezes when it gets to 0 and i have to reset the game and when im back on ive automatically lost the battle! This happens every time i get close to the next arena i think this is done on purpose and not fair!


Yeah, this is pissing me off as well. I keep getting knocked back down to level 3 due to this bug.


When that happen to me automatically i restart the game when the battle dont start in 5,10 seconds and i start just in time to fight


Same here. Either i cant enter the event battle due to timeout or i am kicked for my opponent not responding. Very sad… so much potential in this update but even more bugs and new problems… what a letdown


Please fix that bug! I lose again without fight.
Also, the game discount money for the battle without fight! Today was an update of the app, but it seems that bug still in the game.


What do you mean by "the game discount money for the battle without fight " ?


I have a friend that’s been having the same problem.


I’ll say this in English and Spanish.

There are times, much rarer now, that you begin a fight and for one reason or another, nothing loads. The fight goes on regardless of you being able to actually do anything about it. In order to fix this, quickly restart your game. The stuff should load and you should be able to participate for the remaining fight.

Hay veces, casi ya no paso, que la pelea empieza pero nada carga. La pelea ocurre mientras no puedas hacer nada . Para areglar esto solamente tienes que reiniciar el juego el momento que ves que nada carga. Cuando reinicias, estaras en la palea y podras terminar lo que falte.


I’ve had this happen before too! What I do is if the countdown gets to zero and no battle has started, I know there is a battle, but I’m just not seeing it. So, I restart the game and play the best I can from there. It’s hard because you are often losing when you finally get a screen showing you what’s going on.


They’ll have to patch this. Restarting is all you go do for now.


I’ve found restarting the game even very quickly doesn’t make any difference,I still lose uptown 5moves,also been having defeats in the first round! Very annoying.


Yes, when I see the game is frozen, waiting a opponent (time 0min : 0 s), I restart the game but the remain time is too short to fight and already lose. I have no time to do anything … so I lose the battle and discount the money (coins) because I didnt won. :confused:


I mean cause I lose the battle, the game discount the coins not money


Yeah, you’re right! But the time is too short and only get one dino able to fight :confused: